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2017 Commencement

Congratulations to our 2017 to our Economics Graduates!

Please read on for more information about the timing of the event and how to proceed to the stage to receive your diploma.

Ceremony Timing:
Light Lunch Starts: 12:30pm
Check-In Starts: 12:45pm
Ceremony Starts: 1:15pm

For information about the Commencement Weekend click here.

Click here for more PhD and M.A. graduation information from the Graduate School

Commencement Instructions 

After the Schoellkopf Field Ceremony:
After the festivities in Schoellkopf Field, please head directly to the Economics Department Tent, which will be located on the Arts Quad directly in front of Goldwin Smith. Immediately upon arriving at the Economics Tent, please enjoy the light lunch we are providing. All of the buffet lines will have the same food items. Vegetarian and Vegan options will be available. 

Inclement Weather Plan:
The ceremony will take place in the event of rain. However, if there is severe weather the ceremony will be moved to the 4th floor of Uris Hall. Classrooms will be used for diploma pickup and the Undergraduate Lounge will be used for photos.

If the ceremony is already in progress and we hear thunder and/or see lightning, we will need to evacuate the tent immediately. The University's Fire Marshal has reminded us that tents cannot be occupied when we see lightning or hear thunder and for 30 minutes after the last of the thunder/lightning has passed. Again, we would move diploma pick up to the 4th Floor of Uris Hall. 

You will receive further details about our severe weather plan via email the week before and again on Saturday evening if there is severe weather expected.  

At 12:45 pm, we will announce that it is time for you to please report to a check-in table (alphabetized by last name) to get your graduation index card. KEEP THIS CARD WITH YOU! The card identifies you for our photographers and lists your name pronunciation. Finish your lunch, find your seat number, and be seated by 1:10 pm. The ceremony will start promptly at 1:15 pm.

General Order of Events (Instructions are included below)                                                                  
-  Department Chair Greeting
-  Awarding of Undergraduate Prizes
-  Graduation Message
-  Awarding of Diplomas
-  Closing Remarks

Awarding of Undergraduate Prizes:
If you are receiving an Economics Prize (Congratulations!), please find your seat then line up on the right-hand side of the tent before the ceremony begins. A graduation marshal (wearing a red t-shirt) will be there to greet you. Prof. Blume will say a few welcoming words, and then Prof. Doug McKee will come onstage to announce the prizes.  Please proceed to the stage, shake his hand, receive your prize, and make your way back to your seat.

Graduation Message:
Prof. Blume will give the graduation message. Make sure to listen for facts about your class - some of them might sound familiar. 

Awarding of Diplomas:
Graduate students will be announced first by Prof. Hong; then Prof. Coate will come onstage to announce the Undergraduates.  Click here for a mockup of the tent layout.

  1. A Graduation Marshal will motion your row to stand and exit to the right-hand side of the stage. You will need to file out quickly towards the stage.  Make room for your fellow graduates!
  2. As your row lines up, a graduation marshal we will take your graduation index card.  Please have your index card ready for the marshals as you line up.  A marshal will deliver your index card to Prof. Coate. 
  3. You will proceed towards the stage, and a photographer will take a quick snapshot before your name is called.  
  4. Prof. Coate will call your name, and you will proceed up a ramp onto the stage.  While onstage you will shake hands with Prof. Blume and receive a "faux" diploma (Your real diploma will be mailed to you).   While this happens, a photographer will take a candid photo of you. 
  5. After you cross the stage, you will be directed to the last photograph.  This staged studio shot will allow you to hold your diploma (and smile) in front of a gray background.   
  6. You will proceed around the tent, down the main aisle, and back to your seat. Marshals will help guide you down the path. All guests will remain seated until the last person crosses the stage. 

Closing Remarks:
Once everyone has been recognized, Prof. Blume will give very brief final remarks. After a final round of applause, the program will end around 2:00 pm.  

Personal Photos:
We ask that guests wait until after the ceremony has ended to move about and take photos. After the ceremony, feel free to use the stage for a "Kodak Moment."  Our ceremony location has an excellent view of McGraw Tower too.

Professional Photos:
You will be emailed a link from GradImages a few days after the ceremony to view your photos. To pre-register for photos and get a coupon, visit

Thanks for attending the Economics Commencement Ceremony!  We are so proud of your hard work and dedication! This summer, you will receive your first alumni e-magazine from the Economics Department. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page and LinkedIn Group.

Please email Heather LaCombe, Economics Department Administrative Assistant, at if you have any concerns about the ceremony or your senior survey.