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CANCELLED: Roger Koenker will give the Knight Lecture on March 24

Nov 07, 2014

Roger Koenker, William B. McKinley Professor of Economics and Professor of Statistics at the University of Illinois, will give the Knight Lecture on March 24, 2015. The title of his talk will be "Risk, Uncertainty and the Pessimistic Portfolio".

Location: 105 Ives Hall
Time: 4:30 p...

Barry Nalebuff gave a public lecture on "The Art of Strategy"

Nov 07, 2014

On March 13, Barry J. Nalebuff, Milton Steinbach Professor of Management at the Yale School of Management, gave a public lecture on "The Art of Strategy".

Location: 305 Ives Hall
Time: 4:30 p.m.

Two new, upcoming books by Assaf Razin

Sep 29, 2014

Assaf Razin, The Friedman Professor of International Economics, will have two new books released in November 2014. Details below:

1. Assaf Razin

Understanding Global Crises: An Emerging Paradigm, MIT Press, November 2014


Remember Lev Tolstoy’s famous...

Nobel Laureate, Engle PhD '69, gave the Liu Lecture

Aug 21, 2014

Rob Engle gave a lecture on October 24 at 4:30 p.m. in Ives 305 in honor of T.C. Liu’s 100th Birthday. The title of this lecture was "The Prospects for Global Financial Stability".

Rob Engle earned a Ph.D. in Economics at Cornell in 1969 and was awarded the Nobel in Economics...

Professor Molinari’s Busy Summer

Aug 20, 2014

Professor of Economics, Francesca Molinari, had a busy summer traveling to Princeton, NJ; London, UK; and Toulouse, France organizing conferences and interacting with colleagues at the frontier of research in Econometrics.

She gave one of the invited lectures at the European meetings of...

Website to accompany Ravi Kanbur's new book

Jul 18, 2014

A website,, has been created to accompany Ravi Kanbur's new Oxford University Press book, International Development: Ideas, Experience and Prospects. The site has downloadable versions of all chapters in the volume...

Nicholas Kiefer to give Invited Talk at the China Meetings of the Econometric Society

Jun 02, 2014

Nicholas M Kiefer, Ta-Chung Liu Professor, will give an invited talk on "Econometric Issues Arising in Banking" at the China Meetings of the Econometric Society in June, 2014 in Xiamen, China.

Fran Blau was Interviewed on a Recent segment of “All Things Considered”, NPR

May 19, 2014

April 9, Fran Blau was interviewed on a recent segment of “All Things Considered”, National Public Radio. White House Learns Complications Of Pay Equity Debate. WESA radio (Pittsburgh, Pa.).

Ravi Kanbur Appeared on NPR's Marketplace, "Is the World Bank a victim of its own success?"

May 19, 2014

Ravi Kanbur, T.H. Lee Professor of World Affairs, International Professor of Applied Economics and Management, and Professor of Economics, appeared on NPR’s Marketplace on January 3, 2014. He can be heard at http...

Columbia-Cornell Workshop to Comment on Zero'th Draft of the World Bank's World Development Report 2015, "Mind and Culture"

May 19, 2014

The Cornell-Columbia meeting in collaboration with the World Bank took place on March 26, 2014, to comment on the “zero’th draft” of the World Bank’s new Word Development Report “Mind and Culture,” on behavioral economics and development economics. This meeting was organized by Jan Svejnar of...