Congratulations, Cornell Economics Graduates!

Mon, 06/08/2020

The Department of Economics recently held a virtual ceremony to honor graduating seniors. Watch the video: 


Ludvig Cedemar portraitLudvig Cedemar, Uri M. Possen Memorial Award

What are you most proud of as you reflect back on your years at Cornell?
"I’m proud of my hard work and diligence, and I’m proud to have made the effort to really internalize the concepts from my classes rather than just memorizing them for a test."

What’s next?
"I am starting as an analyst at Compass Lexcon in Boston this fall."

"Thank you to my amazing family for your love and support!"


Josue Sanchez portraitJosué Sánchez, Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Development Economics

What are you most proud of as you reflect back on your years at Cornell?
"I am most proud of simultaneously pursuing both my academic and professional interests. During my undergraduate career, I have been able to hold highly sought-after internships at Capital One and Google. I have also been able to capitalize on my passion for economics by conducting my own research project in the Dominican Republic. My research, which was bolstered by my experience studying abroad at the University of Cambridge, has culminated in the successful submission of my honors thesis."

What’s next?
"Large Customer Sales at Google NYC!"

"Thanks, Professor McKee for constantly reminding me to look beyond the professional realm for inspiration, and for your thorough edits of my honors thesis. Thanks, Professor Besharov for the sleepless, yet rewarding, nights spent studying for Financial Economics, and your guidance throughout this study. Para mis Padres Soiris y José, con mucho amor... Gracias por darme tres regalos grandiosos: Sair, la oportunidad, y su apoyo."


Tasha Barnes portraitTasha Barnes, Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Health Economics

"Firstly, I must thank my professors and teaching assistants, who have furthered my understanding of economics and its applications throughout my undergraduate career. Particularly, Professor McKee, my thesis supervisor, who, through encouraging me to persevere and challenge myself in his econometrics class, motivated a passion for learning and econometrics which led me to begin my thesis journey. I would also like to thank Professor Besharov for his continued support and advice over the course of this year. Thank you for answering my many questions and concerns in office hours each week, and for our discussions of the prevalent issues in higher education. Their dedication to my learning and pursuits has been invaluable, fostering my continued interest in student learning, education, and research."


Jennifer Catalano, Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Labor Economics

Favorite Cornell memory:
“Every year, the Cornell Chorus embarks on a completely student-run musical tour to a new domestic or international region. On my first tour to the Atlantic coast, the entire freshman class ate dinner at a BBQ restaurant in Atlanta, where the waiter asked us to sing him a piece of music from our repertoire. We sang one of our most beloved pieces, and that moment helped create a foundation of great friendship for years to come.”

What are you most proud of as you reflect back on your years at Cornell?
“After much hard work, multiple drafts, and many Zoom meetings with my advisors, to graduate summa cum laude after completing my honors thesis in economics. I also was awarded the Merrill Presidential Scholar for graduating in the top 1% of my class, and was able to nominate Professor Besharov as my mentee to share the honor.”

What’s next?
“I will be working full-time as a Business Technology Analyst for Deloitte Consulting, LLP in Washington D.C.”

“Thank you to my professors, choral director, parents, and friends for helping me navigate the journey from being a nervous, insecure freshman to a confident, mature woman. I could not imagine a better place to realize this journey than Cornell!”


Ben Liu, Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Industrial Organization

Favorite Cornell memory:
“The ah-ha moments when I finally figure out the problem I’ve been pondering for a long time, as well as the sunsets on the slope!”

Favorite quote:
“Econometrics is FUN!” – Professor Francesca Molinari


Bobby Ma, Financial Economics Award

Favorite Cornell memory:
"Trekking down to Boatyard Grill with two friends the day after cancellation of classes was announced because we needed to try it before leaving Cornell. And then celebrating one of their birthdays the day after that by going to Rulloff’s one last time.”

What’s next:
Investment Banking Analyst at Guggenheim Securities

“Thank you to my passionate and caring professors for challenging me and providing a nurturing learning environment, my student organizations for being a home away from home, my friends for making my time here a truly happy one, and my parents for their sacrifices to bless me with the chance to experience these last four amazing years.”


Nicholas Smith, Law and Economics Award

What’s Next?
“I am headed to Emory in Atlanta to pursue a law degree and a master’s in public health.”




Darren Chow, Award for Service to the Economics Department

Favorite Cornell memory:
“Driving to Wegman’s with friends.”

What’s next?
"Analyst at Bank of America"

“Thanks to all the friends who supported, family members who encouraged, and the professors who curved."