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Students who started in 2012

The list below delineates all the critical milestones for normal progress in the Economics Ph.D. program. The dates below are relative to the official Cornell University academic calendar. The calendar itself is subject to modification by the University Senate and the Board of Trustees. Modifications to the official academic calendar happen regularly. The dates below reflect the major revisions to the calendar that become effective for the fall 2013 semester. Any further modifications to the official calendar may modify the deadlines below.

Second year

Deadline for selecting second-year paper supervisor: March 15, 2014 (The use of IRB supervised experimental or restricted-access data must also be noted at this time.)

Deadline for selecting special committee chair: May 7, 2014 (last day of classes) Chair must be recorded at the Graduate School.

Third year

Complete second-year paper: August 15, 2014

The second-year paper requirement is complete when a PDF version of the paper has been delivered to the instructor(s) in ECON 7850 and the DGS, the paper supervisor (a member of the field of Economics) has approved the paper, and a grade of "satisfactory" has been recorded for the presentation in ECON 7850.

Third-year students are expected to enroll in ECON 7850 (fall) and ECON 7851 (spring) "Third-year Research Seminar." This seminar covers the presentation of second-year papers and the development of the essays and drafts leading to the A Exam.

Deadline for selecting full special committee: January 21, 2015 (first day of classes). Committee must be recorded at the Graduate School.

Fourth year

Last day to pass A Exam: September 11, 2015 (last day for fall registration). Students may not petition to delay the A Exam beyond this date.

Minimum of 2 semesters after the A Exam, usually at least 4 semesters later

B Exam: Scheduled when the committee approves.

[Revised: January 15, 2014]

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