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Economics Courses

Our first semester courses presume a thorough knowledge of microeconomics at the level of a rigorous treatment of undergraduate intermediate theory. More economics background is preferred, but an economics major is not required.


The student must have a minimum of four semesters of calculus and linear algebra and at least two semesters of advanced mathematics including a course in analysis. This is an absolute minimum and is rarely seen as competitive for a financial aid offer. There is a strong admissions and financial aid bias towards students with more mathematics: differential equations, real or complex analysis, mathematical probability and statistics, optimization, topology, and stochastic differential equations, among many others. Many successful applicants are double majors in economics and mathematics.

Courses called Mathematics for Economists, Mathematics for Social Scientists, and Econometrics are not a substitute for formal mathematics.

A mathematics review course is offered before classes in the first three weeks of August. Although it is not required, in our experience most entering students benefit significantly from this course.

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