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Ph.D. Job Candidates

For further information on our candidates, please feel free to contact Larry Blume or any member of the placement committee.

The CV packet for all Cornell job candidates (revised November 13, 2013).

Placement Committee:

Chair, Larry Blume (607) 255-9530
Jörg Stoye (607) 255-7586
Matt Backus (607) 255-2533
Antonio Bento (607) 255-0626
Max Troshkin (607) 255-6337

Placement Coordinator: Andrea Conlon (607) 255-4893


Philip Armour

Philip Armour  web page  email

Focus: Public Economics, Labor Economics, Behavioral Economics

Job market paper: The Role of Information in Disability Insurance Application: An Analysis of the Social Security Statement Phase-In

References: Richard Burkhauser, Mary Daly, Michael Lovenheim, Ted O'Donoghue

Shooshan Danagoulian

Shooshan Danagoulian  web page  email

Focus: Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Econometrics

Job market paper: The Hassle with Wellness: Do Peers and Health Status Matter?

References: Don KenkelGeorge Jakubson,Francesca MolinariSamuel Kleiner

Ahmed Jaber

Ahmed Jaber  web page  email

Focus: Applied Microeconomics, Political Economy, Health Economics, Behavioral Economics

Job market paper: Broadband Internet and Political Behavior: Evidence from the United States

References: Steve Coate, Dan Benjamin, Dean Lillard

Xin Jin

Xin Jin  web page  email

Focus: Labor Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Personnel Economics

Job market paper: Lateral Moves, Promotions and Task-specific Human Capital: Theory and Evidence

References: Michael WaldmanMatthew FreedmanKevin HallockVictoria Prowse

Jun Sung Kim

Jun Sung Kim  web page  email

Focus: Econometrics, Network Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Job market paper: A Structural Model of Multigraph Formation: Favor Exchange and Social Networks in Villages

References: Francesca Molinari, Larry Blume, Jörg Stoye

Sean Lyons

Sean Lyons  web page  email

Focus: Health Policy, Health Economics, Labor Economics

Job market paper: Mandated Incentives: The Impact of Firm Size Thresholds for Employer Mandates in Massachusetts

References: Richard BurkhauserSean NicholsonWilliam WhiteKosali Simon

Sharmini Radakrishnan

Sharmini Radakrishnan  web page  email

Focus: Health Economics, Labor Economics, Empirical Microeconomics

Job market paper: The impact of information in health care markets: prescription drug monitoring programs and abuse of opioid pain relievers

References: John Cawley, Donald Kenkel, Michael Lovenheim

Alex Rees-Jones

Alex Rees-Jones  web page  email

Focus: Behavioral Economics, Public Economics, Applied Econometrics

Job market paper: Loss Aversion Motivates Tax Sheltering: Evidence from U.S. Tax Returns

References: Ted O'DonoghueDaniel BenjaminFrancesca Molinari

Nichole Szembrot

Nichole Szembrot  web page  email

Focus: Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Political Economy, Public Economics

Job market paper: Are Voters Cursed When Politicians Conceal Policy Preferences?

References: Ted O'Donoghue, Steve Coate, Ori Heffetz

Tianli Zhao

Tianli Zhao  web page  email

Focus: Macroeconomics, International Economics, Computational Economics, Monetary Economics

Job market paper: Default Risks, Credit Monitoring and Financial Integration

References: Eswar PrasadViktor TsyrennikovAssaf Razin

Lingwen Zheng

Lingwen Zheng  web page  email

Focus: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics, Public Economics

Job market paper: Tipping Points: The Dynamics of Workplace Segregation by Race and Ethnicity

References: John Abowd, Francine Blau, Jordan Matsudaira

Zhuo Zhong

Zhuo Zhong  web page  email

Focus: Financial Economics, Microeconomics, Network Economics, Market Microstructure

Job market paper: The Network of Inter-Dealer Trading in an Over-the-Counter Market

References: David EasleyMaureen O'Hara,Gideon SaarJörg Stoye

At Cornell University economists are trained in many departments, schools and colleges, and as a part of multiple graduate fields. Ph.D. job candidates with training in economics can also be found on the following web sites:Field of Policy Analysis and Management and Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

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