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Ph.D. Job Candidates

For further information on our candidates, please feel free to contact Karl Shell or any member of the placement committee.


Placement Committee:

Chair: Karl Shell (607) 255-5277
Julieta Caunedo (607) 255-0248
Ravi Kanbur (607) 255-7966
Kristoffer Nimark (607) 255-0596

Placement Coordinator: Rachel Lukens (607) 255-4893



Gary Cohen

Fields of Interest: Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Applied Economics

Job Market Paper: "The Role of Fiscal Impacts in the Public School Response to Charter Competition"

References: Ronald Ehrenberg, George Jakubson, Richard Mansfield

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Jason Cook

Fields of Interest: Labor Economics, Public Finance, Economics of Education

Job Market Paper: "Segregation, Student Achievement, and Postsecondary Attainment: Evidence from the Introduction of Race-Blind Magnet School Lotteries"

References: Francine Blau, Michael Lovenheim, Jordan Matsudaira

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Liyuan Cui

Fields of Interest: Financial Econometrics, Time Series Analysis and Economic Statistics, Behavioral Finance

Job Market Paper: "Solving Asset Pricing Models Using Instrumental Variable Nonparametric Two-stage Series Regression"

References: Yongmiao Hong, Ming HuangKristoffer NimarkSharon Tennyson

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Zhonghao Fu

Fields of Interest: Econometrics, Time Series Analysis

Job Market Paper: "Consistent Tests for Structural Change in Time Series Models via Fourier Transforms"

References: Yongmiao Hong, Andrew Karolyi, Nicholas Kiefer, Jennifer Wissink

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Andrew Green

Fields of Interest: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Macroeconomics

Job Market Paper: "Hours Off the Clock"

References: John Abowd, Richard Mansfield, Karel Mertens, Lars Vilhuber

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Nobuyuki Kanazawa

Fields of Interest: Monetary and Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Applied Time Series

Job Market Paper: "Growth and Labor Composition"

References: Levon Barseghyan, Christopher Huckfeldt, Karel Mertens

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Duk Gyoo Kim

Fields of Interest: Public Economics, Political Economy, Behavioral Economics, Microeconomic Theory, Experimental Economics

Job Market Paper: "One Bite at the Apple: Legislative Bargaining without Replacement" 

References: Stephen Coate, Robert Frank, Thomas Palfrey

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Bryce Little

Fields of Interest: Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing, Financial Economics, Econometrics

Job Market Paper: "Disagreement Over the Long-Run: The Effects of Higher Order Expectations on the Equity Premium"

References: Levon Barseghyan, Andrew Karolyi, Karel Mertens, Kristoffer Nimark

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Daniel Ludwinski

Fields of Interest: Health, Industrial Organization

Job Market Paper: "Stronger Together? The Efficiency Impacts of Physician Integration"

References: Samuel Kleiner, Sean Nicholson, Cindy Van Es, Jennifer Wissink

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Mehreen Mookerjee

Fields of Interest: Environmental Economics, Development Economics

Job Market Paper: "Does Rain wash out Particulate Matter? An Application to the Effect of Air Pollution on Infant Mortality"

References: Antonio BentoRavi KanburStephen CoateEdson SeverniniVictoria Prowse,

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Sida Peng

Fields of Interest: Econometrics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomic Theory

Job Market Paper: "Heterogenous Endogenous Effects in Networks"

References: Matthew Backus, David Easley, Donald Kenkel, Francesca Molinari, Marten Wegkamp

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Sanket Roy

Fields of Interest: Environmental Economics, Development Economics

Job Market Paper: "Short and Long Run Impacts of Temperature on U.S. Residential Energy Consumption"

References: Antonio Bento, Ravi Kanbur, Shanjun LiLarry Blume

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Yuzheng Sun

Fields of Interest: Empirical Corporate Finance, International Finance

Job Market Paper: "The Causal Effect of IPO on Firms’ Investment"

References: Warren Bailey, Andrew Karolyi, Crocker Liu, Charles Trzcinka

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Nicholas Tilipman

Fields of Interest: Health Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics

Job Market Paper: "Cadillac Tax, Physician Networks, and Consumer Welfare"

References: Panle Barwick, Samuel Kleiner, Sean Nicholson

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Leigh Wedenoja

Fields of Interest: Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Behavioral Economics

Job Market Paper: "The Dynamics of High School Dropout"

References: Kevin Hallock, Michael LovenheimTed O'Donoghue

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Yu Ye

Fields of Interest: Environmental and Resource Economics, Policy Analysis, Industrial Organization

Job Market Paper: “On the Locations of Endangered Species Reintroduction Programs”

References: Arnab BasuJon ConradDavid Rossiter

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At Cornell University economists are trained in many departments, schools and colleges, and as a part of multiple graduate fields. Ph.D. job candidates with training in economics can also be found on the following web sites: Field of Policy Analysis and Management and Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management.

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