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How to Declare the Major

Before applying for admission to the Economics Major, students must complete ECON 1110, ECON 1120, and MATH 1110 (or equivalents).

  • Students who matriculated at Cornell before June 1, 2017 must have grades of C or better in ECON 1110, ECON 1120, and MATH 1110 (or equivalents).
  • Students who matriculated at Cornell after June 1, 2017 must have grades of B- or better in ECON 1110 and ECON 1120 (or equivalents) and a grade of C or better in MATH 1110 (or equivalent).

Credits for ECON 1110, ECON 1120 and Math 1110 must be shown on your Cornell University Transcript.  There are no exceptions to these rules. Once these requirements are met, students should proceed as follows (For more information see Advising and Declaring):

(1) Complete our online form by clicking the link below:

Application for Admission to the Economics Major 

(2) Order an electronic copy of your transcript via Student Center.  You can submit your transcript in one of two ways: (i) when you order the transcript, have it sent directly to; or (ii) when you order your transcript, have it sent to yourself, and then submit the PDF file via Cornell Dropbox ( to net ID sls499 (Sarah Schupp, Undergraduate Experience Coordinator). Students using the Safari web browser should complete this task on Google Chrome instead and disable the pop-up blocker.

Once we receive both your application and transcript, you will be contacted to confirm your acceptance into the major and to let you know the name of your Economics Major Advisor.

Note: On your Application for Admission to the Economics Major, you are asked to list your preferences for your Economics Major Advisor.  For guidance in making this choice, please see the list below of available advisors along with their fields of interest.

We will do our best to meet your preferences.  However, we also need to spread advisees relatively evenly across department faculty, and thus we cannot promise that you will get one of your top choices.

Potential Advisors for Economics Majors (Fall 2017)
Advisor Fields
Barseghyan, Levon Macro, Applied Micro
Barwick, Panle Jia Applied Micro, Industrial Organization
Battaglini, Marco Economic Theory, Public, Political
Besharov, Gregory Applied Micro, Finance
Blume, Lawrence Economic Theory, Micro (Unable to take on new advisees at this time)
Caunedo, Julieta Macro, International (On leave)
Coate, Stephen Applied Micro, Public, Political
Easley, David Economic Theory, Micro, Finance
Hong, Yongmiao Econometrics, Economics of China
Houde, Jean-François Micro, Econometrics
Huckfeldt, Christopher Macro, Labor
Kiefer, Nicholas Econometrics
Lim, Claire Applied Micro, Political, Econometrics (Not available)
Lyons, Thomas Applied Micro, Econ History, Economics of China
McKee, Doug Applied Micro, Econometrics
Mitra, Tapan Economic Theory, Micro (On leave)
Molinari, Francesca Econometrics
Nimark, Kristoffer Macro
O'Donoghue, Ted Applied Micro, Behavioral (Unable to take on new advisees at this time)
Patacchini, Eleonora Econometrics, Labor
Shell, Karl Economic Theory, Macro (Not available)
Stoye, Jeorg Econometrics (Not available)
Troshkin, Maxim Macro, Public
Wissink, Jennifer Applied Micro, Public

Please note: We cap the number of advisees that any one faculty member can have, and thus you may not get your top choice for an advisor.  However, faculty sometimes agree to take on an additional advisee (i.e., to increase their cap) when they have an established relationship with a student.  If a faculty member agrees to increase their cap in order to take you on, please have that faculty member send an email to the Director of Undergraduate Studies to confirm.

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