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Prospective Students

Are you looking for the Incoming Freshman page?
Is Economics the right major for me?  If you are a high school senior considering Cornell, or a prospective transfer from another college or university, take a look at the pages concerning our Economics major, course offerings, and opportunities for research to get an idea of what our undergraduate program can offer you.
The page concerning the Economics major and the FAQ explain our policies concerning advanced placement. We also transfer credit for Economics courses completed at other colleges and universities, provided they are comparable, in terms of prerequisites and coverage, to courses we offer.

How to Apply
Cornell University consists of seven undergraduate colleges and schools, each autonomous in its programs, its admissions, its faculty, and its support.  Each prospective student applies to Cornell University and one undergraduate college or school.  Students can indicate their desire to major in economics on their application to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Information about applying to Cornell can be found at the College of Arts and Sciences Admissions webpage and the general Cornell University Admissions website.  Be sure to pay attention to additional information pertaining to international and transfer students.   If you are a current student interested in transferring from another college within Cornell into the College of Arts & Sciences, please read the guidelines for internal transfers.
Why is Cornell a good choice?
You might be wondering, how does Economics at Cornell differ from Economics at other universities? In fact, requirements for the major are generally quite similar -- calculus and, beyond the introductory level, a total of 8-10 courses in Economics, including intermediate micro and macro and one or two courses in statistics and econometrics. Universities differ in what elective courses they offer, and in how such courses are taught. 
To provide a sense of what our majors do, we conducted a survey.  Out of 236 January, May, and August 2016 graduates, 192 responded to the survey (81.3% of the graduating class). 
Of these respondents 83.8% said they were employed or obtaining further schooling.  Here is the breakdown by the type of employment and type of further schooling:
29.6% in Finance
19.08% in Consulting
15.13% in Banking
10.53% in Another Business Field
1.97% at a Not for Profit Organization
0.66% in Paralegal Work
1.97% in Government
9.21% are Attending Graduate School
3.29% are Attending Law School
1.32% are Attending Medical School
7.24% stated “Other”
Of the students attending graduate school, some of the degrees they will pursue include:
PhD in Economics
PhD in Finance
Juris Doctor (JD)
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Masters of Economics
Masters of Professional Accounting
Masters of Professional Studies in Applied Economics Management
Masters of Arts Administration
Masters of Aerospace Engineering
Of the students attending graduate school, some of the institutions they will attend include:
Columbia University
Cornell University
Duke University
Georgetown University
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
London School of Economics
Princeton University
University of Chicago
University of Pennsylvania
Wake Forest University
Of the students who are employed, some of the companies and organizations they will be working for include:
Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
Alpine Partners
Bank of America Merill Lynch
Blue Ride Partners
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Capital One
Charles Schwab
Citadel LLC
Cornerstone Research
Credit Suisse
Cushman and Wakefield
Deloitte Consulting
Detusche Bank
Dixon Advisory
Ernst & Young
Farm Credit
Global Endowment Management
Goldman Sachs
HSBC Global Banking
Indus Valley Partners
International Justice Mission (Cambodia)
JP Morgan
Keystone Strategy
LaSalle Investment Management
Lazard Asset Management
McKinsey & Company
Morgan Stanley
Mubadala Development Compnay
New York Senator Campaign for Leslie Danks Burke
Nomura Securities
Oliver Wyman
Parthenon Consulting
Project BRIEF (HIV Testing, Counseling, and Research Program)
S&P Ratings
Sapient Global Markets
Starwood Hotels and Resorts

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