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Within the Economics Department, we do not have a formal internship program, though many of our students participate in semester and summer-long internships. The College of Arts & Sciences is VERY helpful with infomation and connections to internship opportunities. Start here and explore.

Also, make sure you check out Cornell In Washington. The Economics Department highly recommends this program where you are involved in an internship and take an Economics course as well while living in DC and learning about research.

When to Start Looking for an Internship: Advice for Freshmen & Sophomores

Most Frequently Asked Questions Economics Internships:
Can I get credit for an internship?
No, you cannot get academic credit for an internship.  

The XYZ Company offered me an internship, but I have to show that the work I will do as an intern counts as part of my undergraduate program. What do I do about this?
Again, you cannot get academic credit for an internship.  

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