Cornell Economics Community Attends 2019 AEA Conference

By: Sarah Louise Schupp, 
Mon, 01/07/2019

Department faculty, field faculty, and graduate students attended the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association (AEA) in Atlanta, Georgia. The AEA, in conjunction with 58 associations in related disciplines known as the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA), hold a three-day meeting to present papers on general economics topics.  

This year, Francine D. Blau was officially awarded the Distinguished Fellow Award during a formal ceremony at the conference. She accepted the honor from past Federal Reserve Chair and Brookings Institution economist, Ben Bernanke. View the AEA webcast of the awards ceremony here.

The annual meeting is traditionally held during the first weekend in January and Ph.D. Job Market Candidates participate in job interviews throughout the event. Additionally, the department held a cocktail reception for faculty, graduate students, and Cornell Economics Alumni to connect while in Atlanta. Faculty and graduate students served in a variety of positions at the conference; participating as presenters, discussants, panelists, and chairs. The following is a list of service and work presented by economics department faculty, field faculty, and graduate students at the 2019 AEA Annual Meeting.

Paper Session: Gender Gaps

The Impact of Culture on the Gender Allocation of Tasks: Source Country

  • Francine D. Blau, Cornell University
  • Lawrence M. Kahn, Cornell University
  • Amanda Eng, Cornell University
  • Pamela Meyerhofer, Cornell University
  • Alexander Willen, Norwegian School of Economics

Panel Session: Global Turmoil and the Developing World: The Next Two Decades

View the AEA Webcast here.


  • Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University
  • Nicholas Stern, London School of Economics
  • Francois Bourguignon, Paris School of Economics
  • Justin Yifu Lin, Peking University
  • Kaushik Basu, Cornell University
  • Penny Goldberg, World Bank

Paper Session: Labor Markets and the Macroeconomy

New Evidence on Cyclical Variation in Average Labor Costs in the United States

  • Grace Gu, University of California-Santa Cruz
  • Eswar Prasad, Cornell University

Paper Session: Human Capital and Careers in Organizations: Theory and Evidence

Bonuses and Promotion Tournaments: Theory and Evidence

  • Michael Waldman, Cornell University
  • Emre Ekinci, University Carlos III of Madrid
  • Antti Kauhanen, Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)

Paper Session: Applications of Machine Learning in Microeconomics for Public Policy

The Impact of Local Tax Complexity on Firm Behavior

  • Matthew Harding, University of California-Irvine
  • Michael F. Lovenheim, Cornell University
  • Elizabeth Maloney, University of California-Irvine

Paper Session: Taxing in a Globalized World

Parents’ Schooling and Intergenerational Human Capital: Evidence from India

  • Naveen Sunder, Cornell University

Paper Session: Selecting Mutual Funds

Is There a Home Field Advantage in Global Markets?

  • Murali Jagannathan, State University of New York-Binghamton
  • Wei Jiao, Binghamton University-SUNY
  • Andrew Karolyi, Cornell University

Paper Session: Residential Real Estate Pricing

Toxic Assets: How the Housing Market Responds to Environmental Information Shocks

  • Scott A. Wentland, Bureau of Economic Analysis
  • Nicholas Sanders, Cornell University
  • Jeremy G. Moulton, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Paper Session: Firms, Markets and Quality Provision in Developing Countries

Quid Pro Quo, Knowledge Spillovers and Industrial Quality Upgrading

  • Jie Bai, Harvard University
  • Panle Barwick, Cornell University
  • Shengmao Cao, Stanford University
  • Shanjun Li, Cornell University

Paper Session: Getting From High School Through College: Policies to Raise Educational Attainment


  • Philip Oreopoulos, University of Toronto
  • Sarah Turner, University of Virginia
  • Scott Carrell, University of California-Davis
  • Michael F. Lovenheim, Cornell University

Paper Session: Identification and Inference in Limited Attention Models

Chair: Francesca Molinari, Cornell University

Discrete Choice Under Risk with Limited Consideration

  • Levon Barseghyan, Cornell University
  • Francesca Molinari, Cornell University
  • Matthew Thirkettle, Cornell University

Paper Session: Public Finance Lessons from Past National Tax Association Dissertation Award Winners

Program Recertification Costs: Evidence from SNAP

  • Tatiana Homonoff, New York University
  • Jason Somerville, Cornell University

Paper Session: Economic Inequality and Air Pollution


  • Catherine Hausman, University of Michigan
  • JR DeShazo, University of California-Los Angeles
  • Nicholas Sanders, Cornell University

Paper Session: Economics of Networks

Cascades and Fluctuations in an Economy with an Endogenous Production Network

  • Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel, Cornell University

Paper Session: Sin Taxes

Cigarette Tax Avoidance in the United States and Canada: Levels and Trends

  • Philip DeCicca, Ball State University
  • Donald Kenkel, Cornell University
  • Michael F. Lovenheim, Cornell University

Paper Session: Policy and Regulatory Issues


  • Bent Sorensen, University of Houston
  • Andrew Karolyi, Cornell University
  • Sebnem Kalemli-Özcan, University of Maryland
  • Janice Eberly, Northwestern University

Paper Session: Environmental Externalities and Agriculture

Adaptation to Environmental Change: Agriculture and the Unexpected Incidence of the Acid Rain Program

  • Nicholas Sanders, Cornell University
  • Alan Barreca, University of California-Los Angeles

Paper Session: Labor Market Dynamics


  • Laura Pilossoph, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • Christopher Huckfeldt, Cornell University
  • Regis Barnichon, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
  • Riccardo Zago, Sciences Po

Paper Session: Food Markets and Nutrition

Rural food markets and child nutrition

  • Kalle Hirvonen, IFPRI
  • John Hoddinott, Cornell University
  • Derek Headey, IFPRI
  • David Stifel, Lafayette College

Paper Session: Contributed Papers in Health Economics


  • John Cawley, Cornell University
  • Jonathan Beauchamp, University of Toronto
  • Zach Brown, University of Michigan

Paper Session: Are Men and Woman Different Economic Agents?

Chair: Lawrence M. Kahn

Paper Session: Postsecondary Education and Labor Market

Chair: Michael F. Lovenheim, Cornell University

Paper Session: Financial Crises and Transmission of Shocks

Bank Equity and Banking Crises

  • Matthew Baron, Cornell University
  • Emil Verner, Princeton University
  • Wei Xiong, Princeton University

Paper Session: Topics in Risk and Insurance

Chair: Sharon Tennyson, Cornell University

Paper Session: Cognitive Economics

Comparing Survey-Measured Well-Being Across Groups

  • Daniel J. Benjamin, University of Southern California
  • Kristen Cooper, Gordon College
  • Ori Heffetz, Cornell University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Miles Kimball, University of Colorado Boulder


  • Ori Heffetz, Cornell University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Alex Rees-Jones, University of Pennsylvania
  • Claudia Sahm, Federal Reserve Board
  • Jodi Beggs, Economists Do It With Models

Paper Session: Gender Inequality: Sources and Solutions


  • Francine D. Blau, Cornell University

Paper Session: Investments in Children with Disabilities and Behavioral Issues

The Effect of an Autism Insurance Mandate on the Education of Children with ASD

  • Riley K. Acton, Michigan State University
  • Scott Imberman, Michigan State University
  • Michael F. Lovenheim, Cornell University


  • Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Northwestern University
  • Michael F. Lovenheim, Cornell University

Paper Session: China

Chair: Panle Barwick, Cornell University
The Welfare Effects of Passenger Transportation Infrastructure: Evidence from China

  • Dave Donaldson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Panle Barwick, Cornell University
  • Shanjun Li, Cornell University
  • Yatang Lin, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

China's Industrial Policy: An Empirical Evaluation

  • Panle Barwick, Cornell University
  • Myrto Kalouptsidi, Harvard University
  • Nahim Zahur, Cornell University

Paper Session: Sustainable Economic Growth and Well-Being

A Well-Being Snapshot in a Changing World

  • Daniel J. Benjamin, University of Southern California
  • Ori Heffetz, Cornell University
  • Miles Kimball, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Kristen Cooper, Gordon College

Paper Session: Topics in Health Economics

How Extended Family Health Issues Influence Household Portfolio Allocations

  • Vicki Bogan, Cornell University
  • Jermaine Toney, Cornell University

Paper Session: National and International Dimensions of Subjective Well-Being

How Do Subjective Consumption Vectors Vary with Age?

  • Daniel J. Benjamin, University of Southern California
  • Kristen Cooper, Gordon College
  • Ori Heffetz, Cornell University
  • Miles Kimball, University of Michigan

Paper Session: Information and Trading in Financial Markets

Innovation and Informed Trading: Evidence from Industry ETFs

  • Shiyang Huang, University of Hong Kong
  • Maureen O'Hara, Cornell University
  • Zhuo Zhong, University of Melbourne


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