Francesca Molinari Elected to the North American Standing Committee of the Econometric Society

By: Joelle Shadle, 
Fri, 01/22/2021

Professor Francesca Molinari was recently elected to the North American Standing Committee of the Econometric Society. The North American Standing Committee is responsible for the organization of the activities of the Econometric Society within North America. It considers any activities in the Region that promote interaction among those interested in the objectives of the Society, as they are stated in its Constitution.

Read the full announcement here and read the list of the North American Standing Committee members here.

Professor Molinari is the H.T. Warshow and Robert Irving Warshow Professor in the Department of Economics at Cornell University. Her research interests are in econometrics, both theoretical and applied. Most of her theoretical work is in partial identification, while her empirical work is concerned with estimation of risk preferences.

To learn more about Professor Molinari's background, publications, and research, click here.

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