Giulia Brancaccio Named Himan Brown Faculty Fellow

By: By Heather LaCombe & Sarah Schupp, 
Thu, 12/13/2018

Assistant Professor Giulia Brancaccio has been named a Himan Brown Faculty Fellow.  Himan Bown Fellowships are designed to help the dean and chairs recognize talented faculty in a broad range of disciplines. This fellowship is made possible through generous support from the Himan Brown Charitable Trust, directed to the College of Arts & Sciences by Richard Kay ’58.  The award is named after legendary radio director and producer Himan Brown, one of Richard Kay’s clients and the trust’s funder, who died in 2010 at the age of 99.  Brancaccio will hold the title Himan Brown Faculty Fellow for a five-year period.

Giulia Brancaccio is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at Cornell University. Her research interests include industrial organization, microeconomics, and data analysis applied to the study of markets and firms. Brancaccio earned her Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University in 2018 and presented her research at several European campuses during the 2018 Review of Economics Studies Tour. Professor Brancaccio currently teaches Econ 4610: Industrial Organization and leads the department's Industrial Organization Workshop series.  View Giulia Brancaccio’s faculty profile and research here.

Giulia Brancaccio