How lack of trust is translating into India’s falling growth rate

By: Tamanna Inamdar,  The Economic Times
Mon, 11/02/2020

"I think India has turned the corner and thank goodness for that! We have never seen this kind of a low in independent India with a growth rate of minus 23.9% which has put us as the second slowest growing economy in that quarter." says Kaushik Basu, professor of Economics, in response to a question on India's September recovery. "From there, fortunately the turnaround is in the right direction. You have to appreciate that we had really plummeted down and we are just beginning to pick up."

"You have to keep in mind that while auto sales are up and exports are up, in the long run, there are some concerns. But the trajectory is going to be right. If India is going to grow better from here onwards, there are still some worries."

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Kaushik Basu thinking and looking off into the distance