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Hyuncheol B. Kim

Lois and Mel Tukman Assistant Professor

Educational Background

Ph.D., Columbia University, 2013



I am an applied micro-economist with broad interests in  development economics, health economics,  public economics, education economics, and labor economics. The main goal of my research is to understand the impact and behavioral responses to the public/private intervention programs in both developed and developing countries. I have been investigating various public intervention programs on human capital such as cancer screening, general health screening, long-term care insurance, girls' education support program, merit-based scholarship, HIV/AIDS prevention programs such as male circumcision and HIV testing, mother and child health program as well as job opportunity and internship program on employment.

Graduate Fields

  • Policy Analysis and Management
  • Economics


I have run several large-scale randomized controlled field trials in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Ghana. I also have projects evaluating public intervention programs in Korea.