Julieta Caunedo Named Cornell Center for Social Sciences Faculty Fellow

By: Allison Barrett, 
Fri, 03/06/2020

Julieta Caunedo, assistant professor of economics, has been named a faculty fellow of the Cornell Center for Social Sciences. She is one of 11 faculty members from 6 colleges and schools selected to be part of the 2020-21 cohort. The yearlong fellowships, including a semester in residence at the center, are designed to give promising early-career faculty members time and space to develop ambitious research projects. During her time as a fellow, Caunedo aims to develop the first direct measures of the rates of technological change by occupation. Her study, "Occupational Exposure to Capital-Embodied Technology," will inform policymakers concerned about the potential for technology to replace human labor. 

To learn more about Professor Julieta Caunedo's background, publications, and research, click here.

Julieta Caunedo portrait