Thanks For Your Support on Giving Day

By: Sarah Louise Schupp, 
Tue, 04/02/2019

On behalf of the Department of Economics, thank you to the alumni, families, and current students who donated on Giving Day 2019.   We can report that we raised at least $6,400 from 45 gifts to the department.

Much of what we are able to do in the Department of Economics is due to the generous support of our alumni. Your contributions help us to continue to support our faculty, students, and staff as well as to engage in new and exciting initiatives that will enhance the quality of the programs we offer.

Thank you to the following individuals for their generosity and supporting Cornell Economics!

Robin Wang
David Yee '98
Rocio Trujillo Chavez (ILR) & Carlos Rodriguez-Castelan (Econ)
Chad Greiner
Amit Mansur
Qijia Yu
Edward M Finley
Mak Tsing Hang John
Patrick G Kavanagh
Taesun & Sung Cha
Samuel  Markiewitz
John L DiMarco
Lori Cundiff
Jade Mandel
Nelson Ma
Robert Moodey
Michelle J.
Zacharie Liman-Tinguiri
William S. Abrams
Jack Gustafson
Jung Won Kim
Yun Jeong Choi
Yuliya Epifantseva
Helena Zhu
Spencer Adler
Samira Somany
Jennie Mu
Rachel Weber
Nicole & Phil Hart
Kara Barry
Jae Pak
Mary Shelley
Zach Solomon
Gordon Cohen
Wenping Zhou
Jiang Ming
Melody Xie
Kimberly Wong

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