Undergraduate Research Opportunities

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Undergraduate research helps students apply classroom learning to new situations and gain a variety of disciplinary skills. It offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in inquiry in their chosen field of study and develop practical hands-on knowledge.  Faculty and PhD students in the Department of Economics occasionally have the need to hire undergraduate research assistants (URAs).  Projects can include gathering and analysis of economic data, creating charts and graphs, coding, and checking mathematical calculations. Having experience with economic modeling software is helpful, but not always required. 

Our majors have conducted undergraduate research within our department, with faculty from other academic departments, and at off-campus internships. In addition, economics students also have the opportunity to write an honors thesis or complete an independent study project.  Please read below to learn more about recommended skills (and where to get them), available department research projects, and other undergraduate research opportunities at Cornell.  

Recommended Skills:
Stata, SAS, Excel, MATLab . . . where can you get these skills?

Hatfield Undergraduate Research Assistant Program:
The Economics Department's URA Program is supported by the Robert S. Hatfield Fund for Economic Education. The Hatfield Fund is used to enhance undergraduates' understanding of applied economics in general and the benefits and problems of the free market system.

Available Hatfield Projects:
Any available Hatfield URA projects will be listed here. Projects will also be advertised in our biweekly major e-newsletter, Ezranomics.  If there are not any projects listed, join the Hatfield URA Listserv to get notified when a new project becomes available.

There are currently no projects available.

Hatfield URA Applications:
This application will ask for the following information:

  • Name and NetID
  • Which faculty projects you would like to apply for
  • Resume
  • Class Standing (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) and Graduation Date
  • A few sentences about your particular areas of research interest within economics
  • Grades from core economics courses
  • A list of math courses you have taken
  • Your proficiency with a variety of computer software programs

Your email will be added to the URA listserv that will be used to notify candidates of future opportunities.  If you need to update your application or apply for other URA projects in the future, please re-enter the survey.  You will have the option of attaching new documents and updating your information. 

If you have questions about the URA application please email Eric Giese, Administrative Manager, at emg245@cornell.edu.

Other Research Opportunity Resources:
Economics URA positions will be limited in number and competitive, so consider looking elsewhere as well.  The campus has many avenues for pursuing research.