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Jörg Stoye


Uris Hall

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University

M.Sc. in Economics and Philosophy (Distinction), London School of Economics

Diplom-Volkswirt, Universität zu Köln


I am a professor of economics at Cornell University.  

Outside academia, I am interested in music. I DJed for both Northwestern's college radio station and a cross-university college radio station for Cologne. My Erdös Number is 5.

Curriculum Vitae


  • Economics


  • Microeconometrics, especially Partial Identification.
  • Revealed Preference Analysis.
  • (Mostly Statistical) Decision Theory.



Current Working Papers

Nonparametric Analysis of Random Utility Models (with Yuichi Kitamura; CeMMAP working paperreplication files)
(Forthcoming, Econometrica.)

Confidence Intervals for Projections of Partially Identified Parameters (with Hiroaki Kaido and Francesca Molinari; CeMMAP working paperreplication files)
(Conditionally accepted, Econometrica.)

Revealed Price Preference: Theory and Empirical Analysis (with Rahul Deb, Yuichi Kitamura, and John Quah; CeMMAP working paper)

NSF Grants SES-1260980 and SES-1824375 are gratefully acknowledged.


Published Papers by Theme

A Survey Connecting Much of My Work

"New Perspectives on Statistical Decisions under Ambiguity," Annual Review of Economics 4, 257-282, 2012 (paper). 


Revealed Preference with Real-World Data Constraints

"Revealed Preferences in a Heterogeneous Population," (with S. Hoderlein), Review of Economics and Statistics 96, 197–213, 2014 (preprint, web appendix). 

"Choice Theory when Agents Can Randomize," Journal of Economic Theory 155, 131-151, 2015 (paper).

"Testing Rationality and Predicting Demand: The Case of Two Goods" (with S. Hoderlein), Economic Theory Bulletin 3, 313-328, 2015 (paper). 


Statistical Decision Theory: Foundations

"Axioms for Minimax Regret Choice Correspondences," Journal of Economic Theory 146, 2226–2251, 2011 (preprint).

"Dominance and Admissibility without Priors," Economics Letters 116, 118-120, 2012 (preprint).

"Statistical Decisions under Ambiguity," Theory and Decision 70, 129-148, 2011.


Statistical Decision Theory: Applications (especially of Minimax Regret)

"Minimax Regret Treatment Choice with Limited Validity of Experiments or with Covariates," Journal of Econometrics 166, 138-156, 2012 (preprintweb appendix).

"Minimax Regret Treatment Choice with Finite Samples," Journal of Econometrics 151, 70-81, 2009 (preprintweb appendix).

"Partial Identification and Robust Treatment Choice: An Application to Young Offenders," Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice 3, 239-254, 2009 (preprint).
Reprinted in P. Coolen-Schrijner, F. Coolen, M. Troffaes, T. Augustin, S. Gupta (eds.), Imprecision in Statistical Theory and Practice. Grace Scientific, 2009.

"Minimax Regret Treatment Choice with Incomplete Data and Many Treatments," Econometric Theory 23, 190-199, 2007 (preprint, web appendixcode).


Partial Identification: Finding Bounds

"Partial Identification of Spread Parameters," Quantitative Economics 1, 323-357, 2010 (preprintadditional closed-form results).

"Bounds on Generalized Linear Predictors with Partially Identified Outcomes," Reliable Computing 13, 293-302, 2007 (preprint).


Partial Identification: Inference on Bounds

"More on Confidence Intervals for Partially Identified Parameters," Econometrica 77, 1299-1315, 2009 (preprint).