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Requirements for Admission to the Economics Major Updated

After a department review of the requirements for admission to the economics major, the faculty have voted to update the grade requirements for students who matriculate at Cornell after June 1, 2017.

Before applying for admission to the Economics Major, students must complete:

  • ECON 1110 and ECON 1120 (or equivalents), with grades of B- or better and
  • MATH 1110 (or equivalent), with a grade of C or better.

Credits for ECON 1110, ECON 1120 and Math 1110 must be shown on your Cornell University Transcript.  There are no exceptions to these rules. Once these requirements are met, students can apply to the major here.

Students who matriculated at Cornell before June 1, 2017 who wish to declare the major, will be held the original grade requirements of C or better for ECON 1110, ECON 1120 and MATH 1110 (or equivalents).

If you have any questions about the requirement update, please email Prof. Stephen Coate, Director of Undergraduate Studies at


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Contacts & Office Hours

Sarah Louise Schupp
Undergraduate Experience and Outreach Coordinator
492 Uris Hall
(607) 255- 5134

Ulrike Kroeller
Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Program in Economics
404 Uris Hall
(607) 255-4254

Prof. Stephen Coate
Director of Undergraduate Studies
476 Uris Hall
(607) 255-1912

Prof. Jennifer Wissink
Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies
468 Uris Hall
(607) 255-6316

Prof. Robert Smith
Coordinator, Labor Economics Group
269 Ives Hall
(607) 255-7650

Summer Office Hours:

Prof. Stephen Coate:

By Appointment

Prof. Jennifer Wissink:

By Appointment


Sarah Louise Schupp:

Monday: 9:30-11:30am
Tuesday: 1:30-3:00pm

Sarah is also available for phone, Skype, and Facetime appointments.



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