Economics Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

The department is proud to support and promote the work of our Ph.D. students who are seeking employment following the completion of their doctoral program. At Cornell University, economists are trained in many departments, schools and colleges, and as a part of multiple graduate fields. The following websites include the subset of students who are receiving their degrees in closely related Fields outside of Economics: Field of Public Policy, Field of Applied Economics and Management.

For further information on our candidates, please feel free to contact Kristoffer Nimark, Placement Chair, or any member of the Placement Committee:

photo of Matthew Comey

Matthew Comey
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Comey CVComey Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper: “Local Wages and the Supply of Post-Secondary Career and Technical Education

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Public Economics

References: Michael Lovenheim (chair), Stephen Coate, Eleonora Patacchini, Francine Blau

photo of Neelanjan Datta

Neelanjan Datta
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Job Market Paper:  "Fiscal Rules and Private Investment: Theory with Evidence from the Indian States"

Research Interests: Public Finance, Macroeconomic Development, Political Economy

References: Marco Battaglini (chair), Stephen Coate (co-chair), Ravi Kanbur, Kristoffer Nimark
photo of Christa Deneault

Christa Deneault
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics 

Deneault CV | Deneault Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Local Labor Markets and Selection into the Teaching Profession” 

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Applied Economics

References: Maria Fitzpatrick (chair), Seth SandersEvan Riehl

photo of Zihan Hu

Zihan Hu
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Hu CV | Hu Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “How Competition Shapes Peer Effects: Evidence from a University in China

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Development Economics 

References: Ravi Kanbur (chair), Michael LovenheimDouglas MillerNicholas Sanders, Michele Belot

photo of Yizhou Kuang

Yizhou (Kyle) Kuang
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Kuang CV | Kuang Personal Webpage | 

Job Market Paper: “Robust Bayesian Estimation and Inference for Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models

Research Interests: Econometrics, Macroeconomics 

References: Francesca Molinari (chair), Yongmiao HongJosé Luis Montiel Olea, Kristoffer Nimark

photo of Hyuk-soo Kwon

Hyuk-soo Kwon
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Kwon CV | Kwon Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Subsidies versus Tradable Credits for Electric Vehicles: The Role of Market Power in the Credit Market

Research Interests: Industrial Organization, Environmental and Energy Economics, Applied Microeconomics

References: Panle Barwick (co-chair), Shanjun Li (co-chair), Francesca Molinari, Todd Gerarden

photo of Chenyang Li

Chenyang Li
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Li CV | Li Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “How to Make People Work Without Direct Supervision: A Network Bargaining Game”

Research Interests: Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Industrial Organization 

References:  Kaushik Basu (co-chair), Michael Waldman (co-chair), Larry BlumeTommaso Denti

photo of Bineet Mishra

Bineet Mishra
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Mishra CV | Mishra Personal Webpage | 

Job Market Paper: “Decomposing Covered Interest Rate Parity Deviations for an Emerging Market Economy”

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, International Finance

References: Eswar Prasad (chair), Kristoffer NimarkMathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel

photo of Tatiana Padilla

Tatiana Padilla
Ph.D. Candidate in Public Policy

Padilla CV | Padilla Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Debt Migration: Understanding its Origins and Pervasiveness”

Research Interests: Public Policy, Inequality, Migration 

References: Matthew Hall (chair), Filiz GaripDaniel Lichter, Adriana Reyes

photo of Grace Phillips

Grace Phillips
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Phillips CV | Phillips Personal Webpage | 

Job Market Paper: “Private Prison Blues: The Effect of Private Prisons on Recidivism Rates and State Outcomes”

Research Interests: Economics of Crime, Public Economics, Labor Economics

References: Seth Sanders (chair), Jamein Cunningham, Don Kenkel, Belinda Archibong

photo of German Reyes

Germán Reyes
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Reyes CV | Reyes Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Cognitive Endurance, Talent Selection, and the Labor Market Returns to Human Capital

Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Labor Economics

References: Ted O'Donoghue (chair), Alex Rees-Jones, Seth Sanders, Evan Riehl

photo of Nathan Robbins

Nathan Robbins
Ph.D. Candidate in Public Policy

Robbins CV | Robbins Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Instrumental Support as Protection against Union Dissolution among Disadvantaged Fathers”

Research Interests: Family Policy

References: Maureen Waller (chair), Kelly Musick, Sharon Sassler, Laura Tach

photo of Stephenson Strobel

Stephenson Strobel
Ph.D. Candidate in Public Policy

Strobel CV | Strobel Personal Webpage | 

Job Market Paper: “Making Complex Information Simple. How do Triage Scores Affect Physician Behaviour in the Emergency Department?”

Research Interests: Health Economics

References: John Cawley (chair), Sean Nicholson, Douglas Miller

photo of David Wasser

David Wasser
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Wasser CV | Wasser Personal Webpage | 

Job Market Paper: “Unemployment Insurance Extensions, Labor Market Concentration, and Match Quality

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics

References: Francine Blau (chair), Michael Lovenheim, Zhuan Pei

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