Economics Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

The department is proud to support and promote the work of our Ph.D. students who are seeking employment following the completion of their doctoral program. At Cornell University, economists are trained in many departments, schools and colleges, and as a part of multiple graduate fields. The following websites include the subset of students who are receiving their degrees in closely related Fields outside of Economics: Field of Public Policy, Field of Applied Economics and Management.

For further information on our candidates, please feel free to contact Levon Barseghyan, Placement Chair, or any member of the Placement Committee:

photo of Qiwei He

Qiwei He
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

He CVHe Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Estimating Matching Games Without Individual-level Data: Multidimensional Sorting in Government Recruitment

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics

References: Philipp Kircher (co-chair), Michael Waldman (co-chair), Yi ChenFrancesca Molinari

photo of Megan Hyland

Megan Hyland
Ph.D. Candidate in Policy

Hyland CVHyland Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “The Impact of Patient Information on Hospital Observation Care: Evidence from State Notice Policies”

Research Interests: Health Economics, Health Policy

References: Sean Nicholson (chair), Colleen Carey, Douglas Miller

photo of Elmer Zongyang Li

Elmer Zongyang Li
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Job Market Paper:  "Optimal Skill Mixing Under Technological Advancements"

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Trade and Spatial Economics
photo of Giulia Olivero

Giulia Olivero
Ph.D. Candidate in Policy

Olivero CVOlivero Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Gender Wage Gap and the Child Penalty”

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Economics of the Family, Gender Economics, Economics of Migration

References: Douglas Miller (chair), Matthew HallEleonora Patacchini, Seth Sanders

photo of Hyuk Harry Son

Hyuk Harry Son
Ph.D. Graduate in Economics 

Son CV | Son Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Long-run Effects of Catastrophic Drought Insurance” 

Research Interests: Development Economics, Labor Economics

References: Kaushik Basu (co-chair), John Hoddinott (co-chair), Christopher Barrett

photo of Revathy Suryanarayana

Revathy Suryanarayana
Ph.D. Candidate in Policy

Suryanarayana CVSuryanarayana Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Opioids, Trade Liberalization Shocks, and Infant Health”

Research Interests: Health Economics, Health Policy, Labor Economics, Economics of Crime

References: Seth Sanders (chair), Nicolas Bottan, Michael Lovenheim

photo of Bowen Tan

Bowen Tan
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Tan CV | Tan Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “The Effects of Oxycontin Reformulation on Homicide

Research Interests: Health Economics, Applied Economics, Policy Evaluation

References: Donald Kenkel (chair), Max KapustinNicholas Sanders, Nicolas Ziebarth

photo Zhiyang Zhu

Zhiyang Zhu
Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Zhu CV | Zhu Personal Webpage |

Job Market Paper: “Districting, Safe Seats, and Political Polarization

Research Interests: Political Economy, Public Policy, American Politics

References: Stephen Coate (co-chair), Seth Sanders (co-chair), Peter Enns

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