Economics Ph.D. Job Market Candidates

Wed, 10/07/2020

The department is proud to support and promote the work of our Ph.D. students who are seeking employment following the completion of their doctoral program. At Cornell University, economists are trained in many departments, schools and colleges, and as a part of multiple graduate fields. The following websites include the subset of students who are receiving their degrees in Fields outside of Economics: Field of Policy Analysis and Management.

For further information on our candidates, please feel free to contact Seth Sanders, Placement Chair, or any member of the Placement Committee:


job market candidate, Abhishek Ananth

Abhishek Ananth

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Ananth CV |   Ananth Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper: “Optimal Treatment Assignment on Networked Populations

Research Interests: Econometrics, Networks, Industrial Organization

References: Francesca Molinari (chair), Lawrence Blume, David Easley, Jorg Stoye

job market candidate, Alesandro Arcuri

Alesandro Arcuri

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Arcuri CV   |  Arcuri Personal Webpage    |

Job Market Paper: The Informational Impact of Opinion Leaders"

Research Interests: Applied Theory, Economics of Information, Economic Theory, Game Theory 

References: David Easley (chair), Lawrence BlumeTommaso Denti

job market candidate, Anne Burton

Anne Burton

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Burton CV   |  Burton Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper: The Impact of Smoking Bans in Bars and Restaurants on Alcohol Consumption, Smoking and Social Welfare

Research Interests: Health Economics, Public Economics, Economics of Crime

References: John Cawley (chair), Donald Kenkel, Stephen Coate, Seth Sanders

job market candidate, Sam Dodini

Sam Dodini

Ph.D. Candidate in Policy Analysis and Management 

Dodini CV  |  Dodini Personal Webpage

Job Market Paper: Making Reference-Dependent Preferences: Evidence from
Door-to-Door Sales

Research Interests: Applied Labor, Public Economics

References: Michael Lovenheim (chair), Maria Fitzpatrick, Evan Riehl

job market candidate, Amanda Eng

Amanda Eng

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Eng CV   |  Eng Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper: Income and the Take-Up of Means-Tested Programs

Research Interests: Public Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics

References: Michael Lovenheim (chair), Doug Miller, Jordan Matsudaira, Zhuan Pei

job market candidate, Sun Woo Lee

Sun Woo Lee

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Lee CV  |  Lee Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper: “Lending Terms and Industry Dynamics: the Role of Small Banks"

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Finance

References: Julieta Caunedo (co-chair), Kristoffer Nimark (co-chair), Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel

Vesall Nourani

Vesall Nourani

Post-doctoral Fellow at MIT, Cornell Ph.D., 2018

Nourani CV  |  Nourani Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Papers: “Learning to Teach by Learning to Learn" (with Nava Ashraf and Abhijit Banerjee)

"Multi-object Social Learning and Technology Adoption in Ghana: Learning from Friends and Reacting to Acquaintances"

Research Interests: Development, Behavioral

References: Nava Ashraf, Abhijit Banerjee, Chris Barrett

job market candidate, Fikri Pitsuwan

Fikri Pitsuwan

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Pitsuwan CV  |  Pitsuwan Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper: “Prizes and Incentives in Sequential Exploration

Research Interests: Economic Theory, Game Theory, Information Economics

References: David Easley (co-chair), Kaushik Basu (co-chair), Lawrence Blume, Tommaso Denti

job market candidate, Tyler Porter

Tyler Porter

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Porter CV   |  Porter Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper: Incentivizing Content Creation on Media Platforms

Research Interests: Game Theory, Applied Theory, Industrial Organization

References: David Easley (Chair), Eva TardosLawrence Blume, Tommaso Denti

job market candidate, Yue Wang

Yue Wang

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Wang CV  | Wang Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper: “Shopping Cost, Labor Supply and Structure Transformation: Evidence from rural E-commerce expansion in China

Research Interests: Development, Public Economics, Labor Economics

References: Ravi Kanbur (chair), James Berry, Lawrence Kahn, Hyuncheol Kim,

Xiao-Bo Zhang

job market candidate, Katherine Wen

Katherine Wen

Ph.D. Candidate in Policy Analysis and Management

Wen CV   |  Wen Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper: 
Influenza Vaccination Requirements in Nursing Homes: Impacts on Vaccination, Diagnoses, and Mortality

Research Interests: Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics

References: John Cawley (chair), Colleen Carey, Nicholas Ziebarth, Yuhua Bao

job market candidate, Qi Wu

Qi Wu

Ph.D. Candidate in Economics

Wu CV   |  Wu Personal Webpage  |

Job Market Paper:Social Externalities in Product Choice and Market Competition: Evidence from a Mobile Communication Network

Research Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Labor Economics, Networks

References: Panle Barwick (chair), Benjamin Leyden, Eleonora Patacchini

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