Graduate Student Association for Economics at

GSAFE is the Graduate Student Association for Economics at Cornell University. GSAFE organizes opportunities for economics graduate students to present research, represents the interests of students to the faculty, and organizes social events for graduate students in the field.


TWIPS is the works in progress seminar sponsored by GSAFE. This is an opportunity for economics graduate students to present their research in an informal setting to other members of the graduate community. Typically, TWIPS meets once per week during the semester and as desired over the summer. If you are interested in presenting at TWIPS please contact Leonardo PeƱaloza-Pacheco this year's TWIPS coordinator. To contact Leonardo, click here.

Student Resources

One of the missions of GSAFE is to help ensure that students in the graduate program are successful in completing their degrees. As such, GSAFE has created some resources below for our graduate students.

Online Resources and Advice:

Please click here to read Advice for First Year Grad Students

Prospective Students

We recognize that choosing which graduate school to attend is an important decision. As such, we want to help you make an informed choice about Cornell. Graduate students in Cornell's field of economics are happy to answer questions that you may have about Cornell, the field, or life as a graduate student in general. Therefore, we encourage you to e-mail anyone on the GSAFE committee with questions you may have.

Contact GSAFE

If you have questions or comments about GSAFE, the Field of Economics at Cornell, the GSAFE website, or any GSAFE events, please let us know. Any of the GSAFE officers below will be happy to respond to your inquiries. If you have any questions about or suggestions for the GSAFE website, please contact one of our Co-Presidents: