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Recent Publications:

Journal of Empirical Legal Studies coverThe Cost of Legal Restrictions on Experience Rating
Barseghyan, Levon, Francesca Molinari, Darcy Steeg Morris, and Joshua C. Teitelbaum. "The Cost of Legal Restrictions on Experience Rating." Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 17, no. 1 (March 2020): 1-185.

IMF Economic Review journal coverThe Determinants of China's International Portfolio Equity Allocations
Agarwal, Isha, Grace Wishi Gu, and Eswar Prasad. "The Determinants of China's International Portfolio Equity Allocations." IMF Economic Review, forthcoming.

American Journal of Political Science coverEffectiveness of Connected Legislators
Battaglini, Marco, Valerio Leone Sciabolazza, and Eleonora Patacchini. “Effectiveness of Connected Legislators.” American Journal of Political Science, forthcoming.

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Portrait of Seongheon Yoon

Student Spotlight: Seongheon Yoon '19

Recent Economics graduate, Seongheon Yoon '19, says "before college, I always thought of myself as a 'humanities' or 'social sciences' person and couldn't imagine taking quantitative classes. However, through classes like statistics, econometrics, and data science that I (not so willingly) took to fufill the requirements, I learned the power and beauty of quantitatively analyzing data to support qualitative arguments."

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