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Recent Publications:

Coalition Formation in Legislative Bargaining
Battaglini, Marco. "Coalition Formation in Legislative Bargaining," Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming.

Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: It is not who you teach, but how you teach
Orlov, George, Douglas McKee, James Berry, Austin Boyle, Thomas DiCiccio, Tyler Ransom, Alex Rees-Jones, Jörg Stoye. "Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: It is not who you teach, but how you teach." Economics Letters 202 (May 2021): 109812.

Using Invention Activities to Teach Econometrics
McKee, Douglas, and George Orlov. "Using Invention Activities to Teach Econometrics." Journal of Economics Teaching 5, no. 3 (March 2021): 64-82.

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Portrait of Seongheon Yoon

Student Spotlight: Seongheon Yoon '19

Recent Economics graduate, Seongheon Yoon '19, says "before college, I always thought of myself as a 'humanities' or 'social sciences' person and couldn't imagine taking quantitative classes. However, through classes like statistics, econometrics, and data science that I (not so willingly) took to fufill the requirements, I learned the power and beauty of quantitatively analyzing data to support qualitative arguments."

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