George Boyer

Martin P. Catherwood Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations


George R. Boyer is a Professor in the Departments of Economics and International and Comparative Labor in the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University. He came to Cornell in 1982, after receiving his Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Wisconsin. He is the author of An Economic History of the English Poor Law, 1750-1850 (Cambridge University Press, 1990) and of numerous articles in the field of economic history. He has served as an Associate Editor of the Industrial and Labor Relations Review and on the editorial boards of the Journal of Economic History and of Social Science History. He also has served as the Chair of the Department of Labor Economics and of the Department of International and Comparative Labor. He is a core member of Cornell's History of Capitalism Initiative.
Professor Boyer's current research examines various aspects of labor markets in Victorian Britain, including trends in working class living standards, the economics of poor relief and private charity, and unemployment and underemployment from 1870 to 1913. His book manuscript, “The Winding Road to the Welfare State: Economic Insecurity and Social Welfare Policy in Britain, 1834-1950,” is under contract with Princeton University Press.
Professor Boyer’s teaching includes undergraduate courses on the Development of Economic Thought and Institutions, the Evolution of Social Policy in Britain and America, and Twentieth Century Economic History. He is the ILR School’s Director of Teaching, and chairs the School’s Teaching Advisory Committee.

Research Focus

Professor Boyer’s current research examines British social welfare policies from 1830 to 1950, in particular the extent of working-class income insecurity, workers’ methods for coping with insecurity, and the evolution of social welfare policy during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He shows that the century leading up to the adoption of the welfare state after World War II was not a period of constantly expanding government safety nets. Indeed, social policies became more stingy from the 1830s to the 1890s, and did not begin to expand until the early twentieth century. The prototype for the social welfare policies of the 1940s cannot be found in the Victorian Poor Law. Few contemporaries in 1850, or even in 1880, could have foreseen the coming of the welfare state.


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Conference Proceedings

  • George Boyer, Timothy J Hatton, Kevin O'Rourke. 1994. Emigration and Living Standards in Ireland: 1850-1914. in Eleventh International Economic History Congress. Milan, Italy: Universita Bocconi, 1994. 

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