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Jörg Stoye


Jörg Stoye

Uris Hall, Room 450

Educational Background

Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University

M.Sc. in Economics and Philosophy (Distinction), London School of Economics

Diplom-Volkswirt, Universität zu Köln



Jörg Stoye is a Professor in the Department of Economics and also a member of the Graduate Minor Field of Data Science. He works on microeconometric methods, especially as they interact with microeconomic theory. Current research is on inference under partial identification, on the statistical testing of Revealed Preference conditions, and on COVID-19. Other recent work is in statistical decision theory (e.g., on treatment choice as a decision problem) and on related questions in pure theory (e.g., axiomatic foundations for the Minimax Regret decision criterion). Among other outlets, his research has been published in Econometrica, the Econometrics JournalEconometric Theory, the Journal of Econometrics, the Journal of Economic Theory, Quantitative Economics, and the Review of Economics and Statistics.

Professor Stoye holds a PhD from Northwestern University, an MSc (Distinction) from the London School of Economics, and a Diplom from the University of Cologne. He is a Fellow of the International Association for Applied Econometrics and of the econometrics committee ("Ausschuss für Ökonometrie") of the German Economic Association.

Curriculum Vitae

Recent media coverage: Spiegel Online (on the "Drosten-Bild-Affäre"), Inside Higher Ed, VoxEU, IZA World of Labor, Cornell Chronicle, Education Next (all on College student learning in pandemic times).

For his current work related to the COVID-19 pandemic, see Professor Stoye's personal website.


  • Economics


  • Microeconometrics, especially Partial Identification.
  • Revealed Preference Analysis.
  • (Mostly Statistical) Decision Theory.


Spring 2022


"Bounding Infection Prevalence by Bounding Selectivity and Accuracy of Tests: With Application to Early COVID-19," accepted for publication in the Econometrics Journal.

"Constraint Qualifications in Partial Identification” (with Hiroaki Kaido and Francesca Molinari), accepted for publication in Econometric Theory.**

"Confidence Intervals for Projections of Partially Identified Parameters" (with Hiroaki Kaido and Francesca Molinari), Econometrica 87, 1397-1432, 2019.*,**

"Nonparametric Analysis of Random Utility Models" (with Yuichi Kitamura), Econometrica 86, 1883-1909, 2018.*

"Choice Theory when Agents Can Randomize," Journal of Economic Theory 155, 131-151, 2015.*

"Revealed Preferences in a Heterogeneous Population," (with Stefan Hoderlein), Review of Economics and Statistics 96, 197–213, 2014.

"Minimax Regret Treatment Choice with Limited Validity of Experiments or with Covariates," Journal of Econometrics 166, 138-156, 2012.

"Axioms for Minimax Regret Choice Correspondences," Journal of Economic Theory 146, 2226–2251, 2011.

"Partial Identification of Spread Parameters," Quantitative Economics 1, 323-357, 2010.

"Minimax Regret Treatment Choice with Finite Samples," Journal of Econometrics 151, 70-81, 2009.

"More on Confidence Intervals for Partially Identified Parameters," Econometrica 77, 1299-1315, 2009.

These are selected publications. Please visit Professor Stoye's personal website for a full list, preprints, supporting files, and current working papers.
NSF Grants SES-1260980  (*) and SES-1824375 (**) are gratefully acknowledged.


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