Justin Johnson



Justin Johnson received his PhD from MIT and is currently a Professor of Economics at Cornell University's Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management. He teaches Business Strategy to the School's MBA and Executive MBA students. He has worked with eCornell (a Cornell University subsidiary) and also Fortune magazine to develop web-based learning opportunities in business strategy.

Professor Johnson is an active and globally renowned researcher in economics and strategy, and is currently an editor at the Journal of Industrial Economics, one of the top journals in his field. He uses analytic tools from economics and game theory to better understand how firms can succeed in challenging environments, and what strategies they can adopt to either achieve or maintain dominance in markets. Much of his research is motivated by events in high-tech markets, such as older work on open source software and recent work on the business and pricing strategies of web-based resellers of airline tickets, hotel rooms, and other products. More broadly, he is interested in markets where rapid change is taking place and in how firms can survive and thrive in the face of such change.

In addition to his research, academic talks, teaching, and involvement with executive development, Professor Johnson discusses his research and its relevance to current matters of interest with governmental bodies around the world, including the US Department of Justice, the US Federal Trade Commission, the EU Directorate General for Competition, and the UK Competition Authority.