Congratulations, Cornell Economics Class of 2021!


Steve Yeh '21 portrait

Steve Yeh, Uri M. Possen Memorial Award, Summa Cum Laude

Favorite Memory: "Working late-nights on macroeconomic problem sets with Zebang Xu over at Rockefeller Hall."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Under the tutelage and guidance of Prof. Tommaso Denti, I learned how to think about interesting research questions in game theory and their applications in real-world scenarios."

"Thank you to Melanie, Mom, Dad, Frank, Prof. Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel, Prof. Tommaso Denti, Prof. Francesca Molinari, Prof. Plamen Nikolov (at Binghamton)."

What's next? "Ph.D. program in Economics at Columbia University"

Darren Chang '21 portrait

Darren Chang, Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Financial Economics, Magna Cum Laude

Favorite Memory: "Prof. Gregory Besharov's Financial Economics class -- he often said "you can think of anything like an option." It has proved an invaluable phrase."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Prof. Eswar Prasad served as my research advisor and my thesis advisor and shaped the way I think about monetary economics as well as my path in economics."

"Thank you to the professors who invested in their students including Profs. Molinari, Prasad, Besharov, and Ng. Thank you to the TAs who poured out their time and went above and beyond, including Matt Thirkettle, Maura Coughlin, and Bineet Mishra. Thank you to my family who supported me, especially financially. Thank you to my friends who supported me mentally, dragged me through many psets, and bribed me with boba."

What's next? "Analyst at Cornerstone Research in New York City"

Sydney Eisenberg '21 portrait

Sydney Eisenberg, Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Economics and Law, Magna Cum Laude

Favorite Memory: "Hanging out in the economics undergraduate lounge with classmates (who later became some of my closest friends). Not only was the Undergrad Lounge the perfect study space (and a great nap spot), but it was also the perfect spot to run into faculty members outside of class and meet other Economics majors. A particular highlight of spending time in the Undergrad Lounge was on Wednesdays, when the Econ major coordinator (first Sarah, then Allison) would provide snacks and tea! It was a great gesture reminding students that the economics department faculty and staff are always around and care about our success and well-being both as students and as individual people."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "In what was probably my most difficult semester (both from difficult coursework and a death in the family), Prof. Wissink was both my professor in Public Finance as well as my "boss" in the Economics Tutoring Center. At the beginning of the semester, I had just started working as an ETC tutor, and I was also taking Public Finance. I didn't do as well as I would have liked on the first prelim, and Prof. Wissink helped guide me to a place where I was able to knock both the second prelim and the final out of the park. Not only was she an incredibly supportive instructor, but she was also extremely caring, and patient when I learned about the loss in my family. She has continuously served as a mentor for me and also wrote invaluable recommendations as I applied to law school and graduate school during my senior year. Overall, Prof. Wissink has encouraged my success and well-being both in and out of the classroom and has been a supportive mentor and instructor since the beginning of my junior year. Professor Doug McKee has also been a supportive mentor and instructor and helped me to succeed both as a student of economics and as a person. We would often sit down and talk about how other classes were going and how my semester was, and he always checked in to make sure I was doing ok outside of class. Prof. McKee was also an extremely valuable resource when I was trying to decide whether to apply to the honors program in economics (and he wrote my recommendation for it) and how to determine whether I should apply to graduate school."

"First, I'd like to thank my family for being an amazing support system, regardless of distance, throughout my time at Cornell. I'd also like to thank Professor Max Kapustin, my honors thesis advisor, for his guidance and support, as well as Professors Doug McKee and Jennifer Wissink, who have both served as mentors to me throughout my time at Cornell."

What's next? "Juris Doctorate program, University of Virginia School of Law"

Dylan Nezaj '21

Dylan Nezaj, Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Environmental Economics, Summa Cum Laude

Favorite Memory: "I once ran into Professor Doug McKee playing Pokémon GO in Ho Plaza...that was pretty amusing!"

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "My coursework with Professor Doug McKee directly prepared me for some of my earliest career opportunities, and was instrumental in my decision to write a thesis. I would not be where I am if not for his guidance, commitment, and friendship. Thank you!"

"I can't thank Professors Nicholas Sanders and Eleonora Patacchini enough for advising my thesis research. Thank you as well to Professors Doug McKee and C.-Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell for recommending my enrollment in the honors sequence, and to Professor Jennifer Wissink for serving as my department advisor. And most of all, thank you to my loving family: Dhurata, Shkelzen, Ryan, and Arben."

What's next? "Associate, YSG Solar, New York City"

Zebang Xu '21 portrait

Zebang Xu, Tapan Mitra Economics Prize for Macroeconomics, Summa Cum Laude

Favorite Memory: "I will always remember solving Arrow-Debreu models with massive Lagrangian for the first time."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor Kristoffer Nimark offered me great help in shaping my understanding of modern macroeconomic research."

"I would like to thank Professor Kristoffer Nimark, Professor Eleonora Patacchini, Professor Julieta Caunedo, Professor Christopher Huckfeldt, Professor Eswar Prasad, and Professor Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel for their help through my undergraduate years."

What's next? "Ph.D. program in Economics, Cornell University"

Arslan Ali '21 portrait

Arslan Ali, Award for Excellence in Coursework

What's next? "Ph.D program in Economics at Columbia"

"I'm thankful for the opportunity to learn from such a great cast of faculty members at Cornell. Their guidance helped me achieve a lot of things I did not feel capable of doing before entering college. Special thanks to Dr. Arnab Basu for helping me throughout the last four years. Without his guidance, I would definitely have felt lost at Cornell. A big thank you goes out to all the economics professors who always made time for me to bother them whenever I had questions about anything."

Daniel Beitler '21 portrait

Daniel Beitler, Industrial Organization Award

Favorite memory: "Running a bike store simulation in Industrial Organization."

"Thank you to all of my professors. Honestly, the faculty were always incredibly supportive and engaging."

"What's next? Med School"



Lydia Reiner '21 portrait

Lydia Reiner, Award for Service to the Economics Profession

Favorite Memory: "One of favorite learning opportunities has been my time as an RA in Lars Vilhuber's Labor Dynamics Institute. I've gotten to read many cool research papers, get comfortable in a variety of statistical softwares, and even work on a fun side project where I'm currently designing a new Stata package. I feel like I've grown alongside the lab, which has been super rewarding. I'd also like to shout out some of my favorite econ classes of my four years: Prof O'Donoghue's behavioral economics and Prof. Wissink's public finance were just the perfect balance of challenging, interesting, and unfamiliar."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Doug McKee- his (excellent) introduction to econometrics is what "sealed the deal" on the Economics major for me, and it led to a series of internships and interest in subsequent that never would've happened if I didn't engage with the material in the way he asked of us :) Also very grateful for my time in Lars Vilhuber's LDI lab- it has also furthered my interest in all things relating to academic economics. Special bonus shoutout to Prof Kapustin (technically in PAM) for his ECON3171 class this past fall- I learned a lot and it furthered my interest in empirical economic research."

What's next? "Procurement Consulting Analyst for AT&T, Global Connections and Supply Chain team, Dallas, TX"

"The classic thank you to friends and family, but also a special thank you to my high school AP Econ teacher (Mr. Cullison) for getting me into the subject in the first place :)"

Alexis Ren '21 portrait

Alexis Ren, Award for Service to the Economics Department

Favorite memory: "When I was first getting into stock-pitch competitions, Prof. Gregory Besharov would make time outside of class to draft an investment proposition, listen to my presentation, and give extremely detailed and thoughtful feedback (and criticism) to help me succeed. He has probably listened or given feedback on almost every stock pitch competition I competed in, and for that, I am so grateful. I was so inspired that I ended up pursuing a career in the investment industry, where I can research and present stock pitches regularly!"

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Prof. Mathieu Taschereau-Dumouchel: Studying abroad at Oxford had been a dream for me for so long, and it was something I wanted so badly, but the application had so many moving parts that I lacked or couldn't receive in time. Prof. Taschereau-Dumouchel went out of his way to be kind and supportive and to help me complete my application. It was such a small thing, but it made such a huge impact on me. He didn't really know me at all (since the class I took of his had almost a hundred students) and he didn't need to be helpful at all, but he was -- at the expense of his own time and with nothing to gain. I am so, so grateful for his kindness. Allison Barrett & Prof Jennifer Wissink: This year with Cornell Economics Society was an unprecedented one because all of our events and meetings took place virtually. Both Allison and Prof. Wissink were always so supportive of everything we wanted to accomplish and went out of their way to help see our club succeed. I am extremely grateful for their guidance and support."

What's next? "Working for Goldman Sachs." 

"To my family: Thank you for your unconditional support! Without you all, I cannot succeed."

Adeline Sutton '21 portrait

Adeline Sutton, Health Economics Award

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "A huge thank you to Professors Cawley and Tripp for their enthusiasm and efforts to engage the class in such unique circumstances! Their courses helped me realize my interest in behavioral economics and inspired me to pursue research in economics and perhaps an advanced degree in the field."

What's next? "Economics Research Specialist at the University of Chicago"

Ahmad Abuzahra '21 portrait

Ahmad Abuzahra

What's next? "Investment Banking Analyst, Global Invesment Banking, Royal Bank of Canada in New York City"






Shilpy Agarwal '21 portrait

Shilpy Agarwal, Cum Laude

What's next? "Investment Banking Analyst, Evercore, NY M&A Group"






Carlos Alvarez '21 Portrait

Carlos Alvarez

What's next? "Master of Engineering program in Computer Science at Cornell University"






Afnan Arshad '21 portrait

Afnan Arshad

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor Nicholas Sanders was the Professor of the first ever Economics class I took at Cornell, and he really helped me fall in love with it even more. I miss that class!"

What's next? "Working for Bank of America"



Heather Berger '21 portrait

Heather Berger

Favorite Memory? "I loved working on problem sets with others in my classes because it was a great way to get to know other econ majors."

What's next? "Fixed Income Research Analyst at Morgan Stanley, New York City"




Jillian Bernstein '21 portrait

Jillian Bernstein, Cum Laude

What's next? "Masters in International Health Policy, Health Economics Program at the London School of Economics"

"Thank you to my mom and dad (and brothers) for everything." 




Victor Besse '21 portrait

Victor Besse, Cum Laude

What's next? "Master of Arts in Economics program, University of Texas at Austin"

"Thank you to Dr. Tommaso Denti, Dr. Kaushik Basu, Dr. Marco Battaglini. In memoriam, Dr. Micky Falkson."




Felix Blanco '21 portrait

Felix Blanco

Favorite Memory: "Taking Behavioral Economics and finally combining my interests in policy and decision-making."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Meeting Professor Doug! I was transitioning from Biology to Economics and he made me feel confident in my ability to learn new material in an exciting way. I will forever take those lessons on doing your best at anything even if it is not familiar."

"I would like to thank the faculty members who care about their students' well-being just as much as their education."

Zachary Bolotte '21 portrait

Zach Bolotte

Favorite memory: "Presentation day in Professor McKee's Econometrics course; seeing classmates' diverse passions - laid out using the methods we learned in class - reaffirmed my love for Cornell and Economics."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor Cawley was truly inspirational in the way he viewed decision-making beyond what is purely rational. His outlook on people, life, and health economics as a whole was both refreshing and intriguing. His lectures in Risky Health Behaviors were among of the most unforgettable during my time here."

What's next? "Consultant, Underpayment Recovery Team at Cloudmed in Atlanta, Georgia"

"I'd like to thank Mom & Dad for always supporting me; Professor Wissink for always lending an ear; and Professor Cawley for sparking my interest in Public Health."

Terence Burke '21 portrait

Terence Burke

Favorite memory: "Navigating the maze that is the fourth floor of Uris Hall to talk with professors or TAs."

What's next? "Business consulting, Financial Services, for Ernst & Young in New York City"

"Thanks to My family, friends, and all my professors."


Joia Canete '21 portrait

Joia Canete

What's next? "Investment Banking Analyst at Citi, New York City"

"Thank you to my professors." 





Andrew Chai '21 portrait

Andrew Chai

What's next? "Working for Bank of America"

"I'd like to thank all my family and friends for helping me out through the past 4 years."





Samira Chatrathi '21 portrait

Samira Chatrathi

Favorite Memory? "Spending time in office hours with teaching assistants. It was inspirational to see graduate students push themselves and encourage students to learn outside of their comfort zones."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Despite COVID-19's impact on the Spring '20 semester, Professor McKee still inspired me to be an active learner in the safety of my own home. Professor McKee undoubtedly has inspired me to think more about the learning process through his unique teaching style."

What's next? "Working in business development" 

"I'd like to thank my parents for supporting me throughout my education. Through their support, I have appreciated learning for all of the difficulties that come with pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone."

Aine Chen '21 portrait

Aine Chen

Favorite Memory? "Crying in my advisor Professor Easley's office during freshmen year because I could not figure out Linear Algebra."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "My advisor since freshman year, Professor David Easley has been the most influential mentor throughout my undergraduate journey. When I panicked about course selection before the add-drop deadline, when I stressed over linear algebra, when I planned my undergraduate experience and when I explored the possibilities after graduation, Professor Easley was always offering support and advice."

What's next? "Working for Morgan Stanley"

"I'm grateful to all who have taught me: Professor Easley, Professor Basu, Professor O'Donoghue, Professor Dumouchel, Professor Stoye, Professor Nimark, Professor Diciccio, and Professor Besharov; also super thankful to my first economics teacher who is also a Cornell Alum Ari Baum'07."

Iris (Yanyun) Chen '21 portrait

Iris Chen








Oyku Colak '21 portrait

Oyku Colak

What's next? "Deals Strategy Associate at PwC, New York City"

"I'd like to thank my family and friends." 





Abigail Cundiff '21 portrait

Abigail Cundiff

Favorite Memory? "Some of my best memories at Cornell were in the economics undergrad lounge. I spent a lot of time there studying and chatting with friends, classmates, and professors."

What's next? "Compliance Analyst, Morgan Stanley, New York City"



Hongyi Duan '21 portrait

Hongyi Duan

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor Eleonora Patacchini. She gave me very valuable suggestions and useful guidance on Economics research, academic study and graduate school program choices."

"I'd like to thank my three roommates, Zhongyuan Zheng, Tianlin Zhao, and Zenong Wang for their valuable friendships these past four years."

What's next? "Master of Economics program, Duke University"

Chisom Enwere '21 portrait

Chisom Enwere

Favorite memory: "Office hours with the late Dr. Ruttledge for organic chemistry."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major?  "Prof. Stephanie Thomas spurred my interest in economics."

What's next?  "Doctor of medicine program at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons"

"Thank you to my parents and friends."

Ecem Ertas '21 portrait

Ecem Ertas

Favorite memory: "Taking core Economics classes with Maia. Studying with her and attending classes together enabled us to become close friends!"

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor George Hay solidified my interest in attending law school due to his teaching."

What's next? "Law school"


Ed Foote '21 portrait

Ed Foote

Favorite memory: "Seeing Prof. McKee come watch all the polo games at Oxley Arena."

"Thank you to my parents, Peter and Robin."




Alexia (Qi) Ge '21 portrait

Alexia Ge

What's next? "Working for ByteDance"







Caroline Harrison '21 portrait

Caroline Harrison 

Favorite Memory? "I came to Cornell unsure of what I wanted to major in, but Economics was not high on my list. However, I decided I should give Economics a chance and took Introduction to Microeconomics with Professor Sanders my Freshman Fall. While I went in to the class fairly confident that it would be my first and last course in Economics, Professor Sanders brought the material to life and really sparked my interest in the subject matter -- I filled out my major declaration form shortly after and have not looked back since."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "I took Applied Econometrics with Professor Jakubson in the Fall of my Junior year. I walked into class on the first day and was terrified for what the semseter would hold; the material seemed difficult and Professor Jakubson seemed intimidating. My fears were confirmed after the first prelim. Up until that point, I had avoided the professor's office hours out of fear, but, when I finally mustered up the courage to attend, I realized how wrong I had been about Professor Jakubson. He was incredibly kind, caring, and invested in the success of his students. He challenged us but was always willing to put in the time to help his students achieve their goals. I am incredibly grateful for his commitment to my academic growth."

What's next? "Private Wealth Management Analyst at Goldman Sachs, New York City"

Denton Ho '21 portrait

Denton Ho

Favorite memory: "I am incredibly thankful for all the great professors that I have taken extremely interesting classes with. Some notable mentions include Professor Prasad's International Finance and Macroeconoimcs, Professor Ehrenberg's Economics of the University and Professor O'Donoghue's Behavioral Economics."

What's next? "Master's in Management and Professional Studies"

"I would like to thank my family, all my friends, and professors that have made these 4 years the best four years of my life."

William Hrabchak '21 portrait

Will Hrabchak

What's next? "Finance Analyst at American Express"






Karen Jiang '21 portrait

Karen Jiang

What's next? "Software Engineer at Palo Alto Networks"







Cindy Jin '21 portrait

Cindy Jin

What's next? "Working in finance at Google"






Nehedin Juarez '21 portrait

Nehedin Juarez

"I'd like to thank my parents, Isabel and Santiago Juarez. Todo lo que hago, lo hago por ustedes. Gracias mami y papi por que me enseñaron a luchar por lo que mas quiero y me dieron las alas para volar. I'd also like to thank my siblings, Yadi and Eder Juarez, for always believing in me and pushing me to strive for more."



Maria Kalogera '21 portrait

Maria Christina Kalogera

"I would like to thank all the faculty, staff and teaching assistants for furthering my horizons of knowledge in Economics. Throughout my journey in the Economics major, I was lucky to take Dr. Ted O'Donoghue's Behavioral Economics class and Dr. John Cawley's Health Economics. I had the opportunity to explore the literature and applications of game theory to solve problems of uncertainty. Both classes integrated so many interesting insights across economics, psychology, neurobiology and math and revealed the exciting ways with which the field of neoclassical economics will evolve in the next few years. I would like to thank Dr. Sanders for guiding and supporting me in my research in microeconomics and for encouraging me to explore alternative hypotheses to refine the explanatory power of econometric models. The Economics Department at Cornell offered me unparalleled breadth in my education and enhanced my interest in Economics research."

Jason Katz '21 portrait

Jason Katz

What's next? "Legal Assistant, Financial Institutions Groups, Sullivan & Cromwell"

"Thank you, Vivian Sokmensuer"





Thomas Koconis '21 portrait

Thomas Koconis

Favorite memory? "As an avid sports fan, ECON 3460/ILRLR 4030: The Economics of Collective Bargaining in Sports with Professor Lawrence Kahn was the most interesting economics class I took at Cornell."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor Doug McKee's classes were always the most engaging."

What's next? "Software Engineer at iboss, Inc. in Boston, MA"

Evan Kravitz '21 portrait

Evan Kravitz

Favorite memory: "Prof. Prassad's international finanace and macroeconomics class was fundamental in shaping how I do research and really opened my mind on growth and development."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "I took two classes with Gregory Beshrov and his teaching style and discussions were fantastic."

What's next?  "Research Specialist at Gartner"


Nicole Krisztinicz '21 portrait

Nicole Krisztinicz, Cum Laude

Favorite memory: "I really enjoyed my experience in the Honors Program and writing a thesis, particularly my interactions with my advisor Philipp Kircher. I also loved my experience with Professor Marco Battaglini in the Economics of Asymmetrical Information and Contracts."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor Wissink introduced me to my love of economics. Professor Kircher and Professor Patacchini for my Honors Thesis."

What's next? " Wealth Mangagement Analyst, Morgan Stanley in New York City"


Mahima Kumbhat '21 portrait

Mahima Kumbhat

Favorite Memory? "My favorite part of being an Economics major has been all of the friendships I have formed through my classes and all of the interactions I have been able to have with my Economics professors!"

What's next? "M&A Advisroy Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers, New York City"

"I would like to thank my parents, friends, and my professors for always supporting me!"

Elena Lachenauer '21 portrait

Elena Lachenauer

Favorite memory: "I had the opportunity to work for Professor Prasad and take his class, International Finance and Macroeconomics (ECON3545), this past fall. I learned so much from Professor Prasad, both through assisting in his research and having the opportunity to write a research paper in his class. Professor Prasad was greatly devoted to helping his students and inspired students through his passion for macroeconomics. Thank you so much Professor Prasad!"

What's next? "Analyst in the Markets Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York"

"I would like to thank my parents and sisters for all of their support throughout my undergraduate experience!"

Jacqueline Lee '21 portrait

Jacqueline Lee

What's next?  "Junior Trader at Belvedere Trading"







Jeong Hyun Lee '21 portrait

Jeong Hyun Lee

Who most impacted your experience as an economics major? "Taking Profesor O'Donoghue and Professor K. Basu's courses in behavioral econ and game theory really helped me formulate my research interests and
motivated me to pursue further work in graduate school."

What's next? "Master's program in Economics"

"I want to thank my advisor, Prof. Nimark, and professors O'Donoghue, K. Basu, Sanders for their teaching and guidance."

Maia Lee '21 portrait

Maia Lee

Favorite memory: "My favorite memory was having almost all of my economics classes with Ecem and/or Tyler and suffering through all the core courses together."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "One of my all-time favorite classes at Cornell was the Economics of Risky Behaviors with Professor John Cawley. The most engaging lecturer I've ever had, and the intersection between microeconomics, policy, and psychology was so interesting!"

"I'd like to thank my parents for being so supportive throughout my entire college journey!"

Skye Levy '21 portrait

Skye Levy

What's next? "Sales and Trading, Distressed Debt Analyst in New York City"







Xiangru Li '21 portrait

Xiangru Li, Magna Cum Laude

Favorite memory: "Completing an honors thesis and getting to know great people in that class."

Who most impacted your experience as an economics major? "Professor Michael Lovenheim. He served as my advisor for my honors thesis and also helped me a great deal with my graduate school applications. He not only impacted me greatly from an intellectual perspective but also provided me a lot of support during the difficult times."

What's next? "Master of Economics program, Columbia University"

"I want to thank my mom and dad for always supporting me, and to Prof. Panle Barwick and Prof. Shanjun Li for all their help throughout my four years here."

Connor Lightfield '21 portrait

Connor Lightfield

What's next? "Working in finance"







Jiali Liu '21 portrait

Jiali Liu

What's next? "Masters program in Asset Management, Yale School of Management"

"Thank you to my parents, all of my friends (especially Minghao Li), Professors Chris Barrett and Gregory Besharov."




Ching Liuhuang '21 portrait

Ching Liuhuang

Favorite memory: "Looking back during my last year, I now see that sometimes the warmest moments in our lives are forged in the coldest places on earth, the coldest times of the year. It is the moments that we sit together by a fireplace with hot chocolate at night, moments that I accidentally step into a foot of snow in the mornings, and moments just sitting in the AD White Library, glancing out at the snowy hills as I take breaks from homework that I know this is truly an amazing place to be. I will forever remember my time at Cornell and will always tell stories of this winter wonderland." 

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "There is no better way to describe Professor Ehrenberg's impact on my experience than a quote by President John F. Kennedy... “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. It was the idea of not only a true pursuit of knowledge, but a true pursuit of service to others -- a true pursuit of service for Cornell, for our community, for our country, for our world. His courses, love for economics, and his famous "Last Lecture" will forever guide my own career."

What's next? "Investment Banking Analyst, New York City"

"Thank you to my parents for paying the bill, Professor Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Professor Shakarean Hutchinson for showing us that our stories are worth telling on paper through her course on Expository Writing, Professor George Hay for showing us that economic thought can be applied in every aspect of life through his law course, Professor Su George for broadening my understanding of my culture through her Chinese course, Professor Shanjun Li, Professor Cynthia Lin Lawell, Noor, Eshan, Nikhil, Grace, Raymundo, Gordon, Mark, Marco, Johans and many others that were always a call away. Couldn't have done it without you all."

Andres Loretdemola '21 portrait

Andres Loretdemola

Favorite memory: "Definitely Professor McKee's 3120 teaching style. Many laughs were had!"

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Former Professor Gregory Besharov. I had him for three different classes and I enjoyed his International Trade Theory and Policy the most out of my econ undergrad classes. He taught me a nuanced view of free trade that I did not know about. He also offered valuable advice that helped land my first job out of undergrad."

What's next? "Strategic Research Associate, Guidepoint in New York City"

"I'd like to thank my friends Victor, Ahmad, Luke, Ajay, former TA Tilahun Emiru, Professors McKee, Besharov, Coate, Huckfeldt, Kapustin and the late Professor Falkson and his family. I took Prof. Falkson's History of Economic Analysis class, which was a unique class in the department that I will never forget."

Christina Lu '21 portrait

Christina Lu








Alessandro Marchesani '21 portrait

Alessandro Marchesani

Favorite memory: "Taking economic courses that were policy-based and utilized econometric and quantitative analysis to analyze policies."

What's next: "Legislative Associate"




Matthew Masheb '21 portrait

Matt Masheb

Favorite Memory? "In Econometrics, group project on connection between weight-related body perception and hard drug use. Learned about data analysis and how thorough one must be to argue that a relationship is causal."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Doug McKee - lively and interactive lectures with interesting final project detailed above."

What's next? "Strategic Risk Analyst in White Plains, New York"

"I'd like to thank Mom, Dad, Maya, and Chloe." 

Sarah Mather '21 portrait

Sarah Mather

Who most impacted your experience as an economics major? "Professor Evan Riehl. I took his Inequality in Higher Education class and proceeded to assist him with his research for two years. His class and research inspired me to pursue graduate school in the future and focus on educational/social/economic inequality. I am very grateful for his help as he helped me discover my passion."

What's next? "Research Analyst, Economic Consulting for The Brattle Group"

"I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Kate, Maxx + crew. I am so thankful for the unconditional support you all give me. I love you all so much and cannot wait for our next adventure."

Daniel Mazover '21 portrait

Daniel Mazover

"I'd like to thank my family, friends, and professors who were always encouraging and supportive."






Tony Mendez '21 portrait

Tony Mendez

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor McKee was an amazing major advisor."

What's next?  "Analyst, Quantitative Analytics, PNC Bank, Pittsburgh, PA"

"Thank you, Mom, Dad, and Sarah!"




Rahul Mepani '21 portrait

Rahul Mepani

Favorite memory: "Taking Game Theory & Strategic Thinking with Professor Kaushik Basu."

What's next? "Investment Banker at Guggenheim Partners"

"I would like to thank my family! My dad for helping me chase my dreams, my mom for supporting me always and my brother for being my best friend! Thank you Cornell for the best 4 years of my life. 'Far above Cayuga's waters' will always be home."

Kaley (Wenxiao) Mi '21 portrait

Kaley Mi

What's next? "Law school"







Deogratious Munene '21 portrait

Deogratious Munene

What's next?  "Portfolio Management Analyst, BlackRock Asset Management"

"I’d love to thank Professors Patacchini, Arnab Basu, and O’Donoghue for providing an academically stimulating experience; my brother and sister for the support; and lastly, my girlfriend Shilpy Agarwal for always being the best."



Melody (Lanchin) Na '21 portrait

Melody Na

"Program Manager, Azure at Microsoft"







Phineas Pambianchi '21 portrait

Phineas Pambianchi

Favorite Memory: "I've had a lot of fun in Econ. My favorite moment, I'd say, is in ECON 4906 when my partner and I beat the other teams in our business simulation. While it was nice and fun to absolutely dominate our competition, the best part about it was that I became great friends with my partner."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Doug McKee - He is fantastic, an amazing teacher, super responsive to students who email him, even if they're not in his class, and he is such an interesting, cool guy. Not only is he amazing at what he does, he genuinely cares about the students, and that comes through."

What's next? "Carrier Sales Rep, Echo Global Logistics, Chicago"

Vaidehi Patel '21 portrait

Vaidehi Patel

What's next? "Medical school"

"I would like to thank my family, my friends, and most importantly, all of my professors for helping me in their own way throughout my 4 year journey here at Cornell."




Natalie Pawlowski '21 portrait

Natalie Pawlowski

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Prof. George Jakubson's love and enthusiasm for economics is contagious and was one of the main reasons why I ultimately decided to pursue the major. Thank you for your guidance, helpful advice, and continuous support throughout my journey!"

What's next? "Analyst at Goldman Sachs"

"Thank you Mamusia and Dedduś for your endless love, constant support, and warm encouragement! Kocham Was najmocniej na świecie! ❤️"

Cristina Pinheiro '21 portrait

Cristina Pinheiro

What's next? "Marketing Professional at IBM in New York City"

"I'd like to thank my parents and my sisters for their constant support throughout my time at Cornell."




Fiona (Qi) Qiu '21 portrait

Fiona Qiu

What's next? "Graduate school"







Rebecca Ramnarine '21 portrait

Rebecca Ramnarine

What's next? "Trading Analyst, JP Morgan, New York City"

"A special thank you to my parents, family, friends and Cornell Economics department for an amazing four years!"




Grace Robillard '21 portrait

Grace Robillard

Favorite Memory? "Doug McKee's classes were some of my favorite at Cornell - he was funny, interesting and applied our learning to the real world. He also forced us to interact with our classmates which I found surprisingly helpful."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Ted O'Donoghue was always, always willing to go through topics seven times if I needed him to. He was patient and this was SO IMPORTANT because his class (Behavioral Economics) was the hardest course I took at Cornell. Thank you Professor O'Donoghue!"

"I would like to thank all of the Economics faculty (including the administrative staff), my amazing family for reminding me to persevere when I swore I couldn't do it and my friends who kept me sane. A VERY special thank you to my dog, Luna, who forced me to take breaks from the library and play."

Lauren Roseman '21 portrait

Lauren Roseman

What's next? "Strategy Insights & Planning Associate, ZS Associates in Washington D.C."

"I am so grateful for all of the amazing friends I've made in my economics classes!"




Nikhil Saggi '21 portrait

Nikhil Saggi

Favorite Memory? "I really enjoyed learning about microeconomic theory with Prof Troshkin, and it made my slight interest in the field a lot larger."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Prof Troshkin's material on microeconomic theory convinced me to commit to the major and explore other courses branching off of the material he taught (e.g. industrial organization, asymmetric information, environmental economics). It was always cool to see how future electives I took built off of the material he covered."

What's next? "Data Engineer, Munich American Reassurance Company, Integrated Analytics, New York City"

"Thank you to my parents."

Sarah Shakeel '21 portrait

Sarah Shakeel

What's next?  "Masters Program in Political Science, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University"






Grace Shepard '21 portrait

Grace Shepard

What's next? "Operations Analyst at Weiss Asset Management in Boston, MA"

"Thanks to my incredibly supportive family and friends!"



Brian Shi '21 portrait

Brian Shi

What's next?  "Equity Derivatives Trader at Barclays Capital, New York City"

"I'd like to thank my parents, my brother, and all my friends for always being there for me no matter what. Love you guys!"




Justin Simms

Justin Simms

Favorite memory: "My favorite learning opportunity as an economics major has been the intellectual challenge and reward of my Industrial Organization class this semester. The class is undoubtedly difficult, yet the concepts of market power and game theory are fascinating and Professor Brancaccio teaches the material in an easily digestible manner."

Who most impacted your experience as an economics major? "Professor Cawley's Economics of Risky Health Behaviors class utilized economic analysis to orient oneself in various policy debates regarding health policy in the United States. His dedication to teaching and ability to augment my economics skills impacted my experience in an extremely positive manner."

What's next? "Juris Doctor program, New York University School of Law"

"I would like to thank my family for providing me with the opportunity to attend Cornell, my friends for making my experience memorable, and my professors for imparting their wisdom to me."

Vivian Sokmensuer '21 portrait

Vivian Sokmensuer

What's next? "Financial Analyst at Raytheon Technologies, Andover, MA"

"Thank you, Jason Katz!"





Mahin Sultan '21 portrait

Mahin Sultan

Favorite Memory? "Finding other Economics students in the Cocktail Lounge right before finals and studying together with new people."

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Prof. Jenny Wissink for always leaving her door open for questions of any kind."

What's next? "Working in consulting"

"I'd like to thank everyone in my support network."

Cindy (Qinrong) Tang '21 portrait

Cindy Tang

What's next?  "Strategy Insights & Planning Associate, ZS, Shanghai, China"

"Shanjun Li was super-nice. I really appreciate all the help and support."





Jose Maria Tapia '21 portrait

Jose Maria Tapia

What's next? "Working for the Bank Policy Institute"

"I’d like to thank Dr. Wissink, Dr. McKee, and Dr. Basu."





Aryana Thapliyal '21 portrait

Aryana Thapliyal

What's next? "Strategy Graduate Associate at KPMG"

"I'd like to thank my family for their endless encouragement and motivating me to always do my best, regardless of the outcome. I'd like to thank my 2021 Econ friends without whom getting through psets and prelims would have been nearly impossible. I couldn't have made it to graduation without you all!"


Tarangana Thapa

Tarangana Thapa

Favorite memory: "My absolute favorite econ class memory was spending an entire semester designing a policy proposal with a $20 billion budget to address an economic issue in society in the class Health, Poverty, and Inequality."

What's next? "Paralegal work for Cravath, Swaine, & Moore, LLP"

"I want to thank my parents for all of their support and guidance, professors for making such an effort to make even the most abstract concepts so applicable and fun to learn, and all the Graduate Student TAs that were such great help in almost all my Econ classes!"

Adam Wang '21 portrait

Adam Wang

Favorite Memory: "Walking out of a late-night prelim and trekking through a blizzard across campus to my dorm. I still remember that moment—the beauty of campus, the sense of accomplishment, the shared experience with the crowds of other students finishing their exams. It is a very fond memory for me."

"I would like to thank my family for their immense love and support throughout my experience. I would also like to thank my dear friend Tianke Zhao, who has been like a brother to me."

Helen Wang '21 portrait

Helen Wang

What's next? "Actuarial Analyst in Health Practice, Milliman, Philadelphia"






Jialun Wang '21 standing next to Minion

Jaja Wang

Favorite memory: "My favorite ECON class I took at Cornell was Professor Nick Sanders' Economics and Environmental Policy class. It was just such a great overall class with a positive atmosphere where I made a lot of friends. Thank you Professor Sanders!"

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor Besharov had the most impact during my undergraduate experience; I took two classes with him, 4510 and 4904. His classes were the right amount of challenging and straightforward, and he matched the students' effort with his teaching, feedback, and office hours. I wish him the best!"

What's next? "Working for Northrop Brumman, Bay Area"

"I would like to thank my bros Arslan Ali and Chisom Enwere, they were the best ECON partners one could ask for. A big shoutout to Louis as well for his work at the ECON tutoring center, and Professor Nick Sanders because he taught one of my favorite classes."

Yuke Wu '21 portrait

Yuke Wu

What's next? "Data Engineer for Canoe Intelligence"






Bingqin Xie '21 portrait

Bingqin Xie

Favorite memory? "ECON 3130 Statistics and Probability by Professor Douglas McKee"

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor Stephanie Thomas. My very first lecture in Cornell was ECON1110 taught by Prof. Thomas who's very passionate, encouraging and supportive."

What's next? "Financial Advisor, Deloitte in Shanghai, China"

"I would like to thank Professor Jennifer Wissink and Professor Panle Jia Barwick."

Linchen Zhang '21 portrait

Linchen Zhang, Magna Cum Laude

Favorite memory: "Working as a Research Assistant for several Professors at the Department of Economics. It helped me a lot to find my interests and decide to go to graduate school."

What's next? "Ph.D. in Economics program at UC San Diego"

"Thank you to Professor Kristoffer Nimark, Professor Marco Battaglini, and Professor Eleonora Patacchini."

Tianyi Zhang '21 portrait

Tianyi Zhang

What's next? "Master of Health Administration program"







Kaitlyn Zhao '21 portrait

Kaitlyn Zhao, Cum Laude

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor Douglas McKee, who was the best thesis advisor that I could have asked for and was so supportive and encouraging throughout the entire process."

What's next? "Transaction Strategy & Execution Associate at EY-Parthenon, New York City"

"I would like to thank my family, friends, and mentors for all of their help and support in getting me through the highs and lows of my Cornell experience."

Zhongyuan Zheng '21 portrait

Zhongyuan Zheng

Favorite memory: "Competition Law and Policy with Prof. George Hay"

Who most impacted your experience as an Economics major? "Professor George Hay, whose lecturing is fascinatingly interesting and deeply inspiring. The cases and class experiences further inspire me to become a lawyer in the future."

"I would like to thank my family for the greatest support and encouragement during my four years in Cornell."



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