Cornell, a Rich Intellectual Gift

By: Daniel Hada Harianja,  Cornell Research
Sun, 04/09/2017

Patrick Braga ’17 would have made Ezra Cornell proud. Braga, who is profiled in this Cornell Research Story, is an undergraduate in the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning and College of Arts and Sciences, pursuing a triple major in urban and regional studies, music, and economics. Despite his broad interests, he pursues each with a fervor, often to uncharted depths through his independent research endeavors.

“I struggled a lot with Le Corbusier,” Braga says in the story. “On the one hand, I have come to love brutalist architecture and how he used raw concrete as a beautiful material expression of our times. But at the same time, many of his ideas were very destructive when applied to cities around the world like Rio de Janeiro and created a lot of dissonance with the social and environmental fabric. I wanted to personally explore this person that influenced a lot of what I study.”

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