Forms of imbalance in our world

Two major issues face humanity: justice between the generations, and justice within the current generation, according to Ravi Kanbur, Applied Economics and Management. As a former chief economist for Africa at the World Bank, director of the World Development Report, the past-president of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality and ranked as one the top 0.5 percent academic economists in the world, Kanbur has the expertise to back up that diagnosis.

Kanbur’s professional and research focus has consistently centered around the causes and nature of inequality and poverty around the globe—a trajectory he credits to his Oxford graduate advisers, Amartya Sen, Joseph Stiglitz, and James Mirrlees, all of whom went on to win the Nobel prize in economics. “They were and are the dominating influences of my view of economics,” says Kanbur. He has also been influenced by two other Nobel–prize-winning economists, Michael Spence and Elinor Ostrom, with whom he has coauthored academic papers.

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