Where Can I Get Research/Economics Skills?

For most courses, there is a paid online tutorial version of help, or you can youtube instructions for quick fixes. If you’re looking for something more than that, these are available on campus- take a look. We recommend students learn these skills if they want to pursue undergraduate or graduate research in economics (and other fields).


  • Introduction to MATLab CS1112 (4 credits) co-meets with CS1142 (2 credits) and both require Calculus and do not assume any programming history.
  • Transition to MATLab CS1132 (1 credit) requires 1 course in programming and assumes some programming knowledge
  • Conversely, ask a grad student to teach you- they know it.



  • AEM 2010 Spreadsheet Modeling for Management and Economics is a course that goes pretty in-depth about this topic, but is very hard to get into.
  • Cornell CIT does training on every aspect of Excel you could dream about. Check out their course descriptions and sign up.

So, the information is out there. If you’re serious about pursuing Economics research, this is a great place to start.