Jörg Stoye joins The Econometrics Journal as an Associate Editor

Professor Jörg Stoye has recently joined The Econometrics Journal as an associate editor. Stoye's expertise in microeconometrics will bring key expertise to the Journal. Established in 1988 by the Royal Economic Society, The Econometrics Journal aims "to promote the general advancement and application of econometric methods and techniques to problems of relevance to modern economics."

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Jörg Stoye is a Professor in the Department of Economics. He works on microeconometric methods, especially as they interact with microeconomic theory. Current research is on inference under partial identification and on the statistical testing of Revealed Preference conditions, and on COVID-19. Other recent work is in statistical decision theory (e.g., on treatment choice as a decision problem) and on related questions in pure theory (e.g., axiomatic foundations for the Minimax Regret decision criterion).

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